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We're passionate about international growth

At Greenhouse, our mission is to bring new businesses and opportunities into new markets. Starting with Asia-Pacific.

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What drives us, here at Greenhouse

We’re people-people

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    Passionate about relationships
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    Empathetic to the struggle
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    Obsessed with customer satisfaction

We’re hungry and motivated

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    Motivated to build something special
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    Curious and ambitious
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    Committed to going above and beyond

We’re fearless optimists

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    See challenges as opportunities
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    Positive, creative, and brave
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    Proactive problem solvers

Meet the Greenhouse team, led by founder and CEO Drew Calin and Viktor Kyosev.

Drew Calin - Cofounder & CEO of Greenhouse

Drew Calin

Greenhouse Co-founder
and Greenhouse CEO
Drew comes from Los Angeles, California, where he began his career in digital media and marketing more than 15 years ago. He’s worked with startups and enterprise organizations, having spent nearly a decade with LinkedIn in both the US and Asia. Drew received dual Executive MBA degrees from NUS and UCLA in 2016, and cofounded Greenhouse in 2017. As CEO, he looks after all strategic and operational facets of the company, with emphasis on team & talent, product development, and commercial growth.
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Viktor Kyosev - COO of Greenhouse

Viktor Kyosev

Greenhouse COO
Viktor comes from Sofia, Bulgaria, where he began his career in the hospitality industry about 12 years ago. Later he moved to Denmark for studies and obtained a Master’s Degree in New Venture Creation at Aalborg University. During the past 5 years, Viktor co-founded several startups across Denmark, Malaysia and Indonesia, most recently he graduated from YCombinator’s Startup School. As COO, he looks after day-to-day management and operations, with emphasis on business development and product growth.
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Adam Haluska - Head of Marketing

Adam Haluska

Head of Marketing
Citra Oktaviani - Senior Account Manager Corporate Services

Citra Oktaviani

Senior Account Manager Corporate Services
Clarissa Budiono - Head of Brand Experience

Clarissa Budiono

Head of Brand Experience
Rahul V R - Head of Tech

Rahul V R

Head of Technology
Rajendra Pathak - Head of Finance

Rajendra Pathak

Head of Finance

The evolution of our business


Our roots as an award-winning co-working space

Greenhouse wasn’t always Asia’s market entry platform and the biggest curated network of service providers...In 2018, helmed by Greenhouse founders and the same leadership team, we started a co-working space designed for wellness and productivity in fast-growth markets. We established our HQ in Singapore and launched our first space in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Within the first year, we’d won Best Startup Co-working Space in Indonesia. We went on to bag 3 awards in 2 years:

Award Greenhouse

And were home to some of Indonesia’s fastest growing companies:


Why the pivot?

In 2019, we noticed that many of our clients entering Indonesia from abroad were struggling to source service providers to help them launch, operate, and commercialize their business. Organically, we became a business matchmaker. Connecting entrepreneurs, startups, and SMBs with service providers to help them scale. Little by little, we started qualifying and contracting service providers into our network, and launched the first version of the Greenhouse Marketplace in December 2019.


Same brand.
Same vision.
Same team.
New experience.

We’ve always been in the business of helping businesses thrive, and are committed to addressing digital nascency plaguing founders and business decision makers when expanding and growing across Asian markets.

Putting the Green in Greenhouse

We started as a coworking space with a love for all things green and sustainable. As a tribute to our beginning, the Greenhouse team still plant one tree for every customer, service provider, and partner who enters our ecosystem…every month.

3,000+ trees planted across Asia

Greenhouse CSR

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Help us realize our vision of accelerating global mobility for the greater good.

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