Online Marketplace

Marketplace 101: how to kickstart a marketplace?

Running a B2B marketplace, I have been thinking of writing my thoughts on what it takes to kickstart a marketplace model for…

24 Minutes Read

Business team discussing ideas for fundraising

Building A Compelling Deck For Fundraising In Southeast Asia 🌏 💰

This month I am helping 10 startups improve their pitch decks as they get ready to hit the fundraising roadshow. All…

28 Minutes Read

Managing Pivot like a pro

Managing Your Pivot Like a Pro

“The most important one was the moment I realize what’s going on and that we need to wait to go full speed with this pivot…

4 Minutes Read

Complete Guide to Manufacturing in India: Investment Opportunities and Challenges

Complete Guide to Manufacturing in India: Investment Opportunities and Challenges

Manufacturing in India is the country’s biggest private sector player, more so since the recent trade-related differences…

15 Minutes Read

gh ecosystem as a services

Services Ecosystem: A Viable Business Model

Last week, I stumbled on a discussion online where someone asked if “ecosystem as a service” is a viable model. The more I…

23 Minutes Read

Ultimate Guide of Doing Business in Indonesia

Ultimate Guide to Doing Business in Indonesia – The Most Complex Jurisdiction

When it comes to ease of doing business, Indonesia is ranked as the world's most complex jurisdiction. Compared to other…

14 Minutes Read

Understanding Strategic Culture in Southeast Asia

Understanding Business Culture in Southeast Asia to Win the Fast-Growth Market

Last week, I wrote this LinkedIn post where I shared how a typical working day looks like for me: “As a kid, I always…

18 Minutes Read

Winning Fast Growth Market through Relationship

9 Ways to Win Fast-Growth Markets Through Business Relationships 🤝

Business relationships are undeniably valuable: Whenever companies are venturing into fast-growth markets, the #1 request we…

22 Minutes Read

Jakarta Office Location Strategy

Commercial Real Estate & Market Entry Strategy in Indonesia

Understanding the commercial real estate in Indonesia so as to plan the optimal location for your expanding business is one…

12 Minutes Read

Market Entry Strategy and Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Market Entry Strategy and Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Determining the right market entry strategy should be the top of mind for companies around the world intending to expand…

14 Minutes Read

Startup Ecosystem in Indonesia

Startup Ecosystem in Indonesia: Key Ingredients, Challenges, and Strategies

In my experience, Indonesia is the second most attractive market for foreign businesses in Southeast Asia after Singapore.…

19 Minutes Read

guide to APAC expansion

A startup’s guide to APAC expansion 🚀 🌏 💰

Over the past few years, I have been advising startup founders on how they can successfully expand to the Asia Pacific…

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