Market Intelligence Case Study with BigBang Angels

A case study on BigBang Angels's (BBA) latest outbound market intelligence program for South Korean startups planning to expand to Southeast Asia. Greenhouse helped BBA's portfolio to test a variety of markets while connecting them with potential clients.

Future of Work: In Pursuit of Reskilling and Upskilling in India | Octagona

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the global movement towards the future of work. As a result, millions of workers worldwide are losing employment. Hence, with the changing demand for skills, what should be done to bridge the gap in India going forward? According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), global

Expanding to Southeast Asia: Understanding Opportunities and Obstacles

Businesses expanding to Southeast Asia have various reasons to do so. Startups, scale-ups, and enterprise companies alike expand their horizons to harness the benefits that come with international growth. To name a few: customer base growth, greater scale and efficiency development, talent access, portfolio diversification, and also mergers & acquisitions.

Engineering as marketing: How to grow your B2B company

I have always been excited about unconventional marketing channels that have the potential to bring a lot of traction while facing little or no competition. One such channel is engineering-as-marketing. What is engineering as marketing?About 5 years ago, I read “Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers”. The book

Consumer Trends in Asia 2021: What You Need To Know

Our partners at Kadence International have conducted research on understanding the impact of consumer trends in Asia 2021: The Consumer Trends in Asia 2021 report covers: The aftermath of COVID-19Vocal for localLooking for actionRacing towards a digital futureSeeking ValueHealth is wealthLooking at consumer trends in Asia post COVID-19Understanding upcoming consumer

Food Industry Trends 2020 and beyond in the wake of COVID-19

Our partners at Kadence International have conducted research on understanding the impact of COVID-19 on food industry trends 2020 and beyond. The Food Industry Trends 2020 report covers: The Aftermath of COVID-19 Global Food and Beverages Trends Food Industry trends in The UK Singapore Vietnam Hong Kong Thailand India Japan

Hong Kong & China: The Greater Bay Area White Paper

Our partners at Whub have teamed up with the key players of the startup scene in Hong Kong and China to create the ultimate Greater Bay Area - White Paper. The whitepaper covers the following topics: What exactly is the Greater Bay Area?What makes it so much greater?Who

Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Report

Our partners at Whub have teamed up with the key players of the startup scene in Hong Kong to create the ultimate Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Toolbox. The Hong Kong startup report covers: Why choose Hong Kong to startupExponential growth with 3,700+ startupsGrowing, diverse ecosystem (you would be surprised)

Why You Need to Add B2B Podcasts to Your Content Strategy

Podcast marketing has always been fascinating to me, so I decided to share my learnings of launching and growing a B2B podcast as an acquisition channel. B2B Podcast Marketing in 2021Similar to newsletters, people like to speak of podcast fatigue as there are so many podcasts nowadays. Yet, I still

5 Important things to know about Sole Proprietorship in Malaysia

If you’ve ever tried to search for more information about starting a business, you may have come across a certain term before: sole proprietorship. Of course, this may have made you wonder, “What exactly is a sole proprietorship?” While it may sound rather intimidating at first glance, do not

A case study with SecondMuse on Business Matching and Startup Expansion

We sat down with Kintan Ayunda, Senior Associate at SecondMuse to discuss how Greenhouse supported Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) by SecondMuse and their portfolio of startups with business matching, market research, and workshops. All startups were expanding or testing Surabaya, Indonesia as a potential market for their plastic prevention
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