Your Complete Guide to Local Nominee Services in Indonesia

Learn about how to use local nominees in Indonesia. Local nominee directors, shareholders, and commissioners are popular in…

10 Minutes Read

Permits, Licenses, and Taxes: Important Organizations for Businesses in Indonesia

Are you planning to do business in Indonesia? First, get to know these government agencies. Indonesia's bureaucracy can seem…

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Moving On from Banking Job to Become a Startup Guru

In April 2019, Adam Haluska, Greenhouse's Head of Marketing, interviewed Joy Taylor, an international startup coach and…

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List of Emerging Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia's economy is becoming more attractive for foreign and domestic investment. As the fourth most populous country in…

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Your Complete Guide to Getting a KITAS or Work Permit in Indonesia

Here's all you need to know about how to get a KITAS. Any foreign citizen who wants to stay or work in Indonesia for…

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Applying for a KITAS? Make Sure you Have These Documents Ready - Greenhouse

All You Need to Know about Indonesia’s Online Single Submission

Your guide to Indonesia's Online Single Submission. The Online Single Submission or OSS platform is a relatively recent…

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A scene from the launch event of Grow Asia Hackathon 2019 hosted in Greenhouse's event venue at Multivision Tower, Jakarta.

Greenhouse Event Highlights: January to June 2019

Panel discussions, jazz concerts, and more. Greenhouse hosted dozens of events during the first half of 2019, and here are a…

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Digital Industry In Indonesia - Featured Image

Indonesia’s Digital Economy: Growth Prospects After 2020

Research by Google-Temasek suggests that Southeast Asia's digital economy will grow beyond $240 billion in 2025. Moreover,…

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Step-by-Step Guide to Register a Business in Indonesia

Here's everything you need to register a business in Indonesia. Business registration might seem complicated, but it’s easy…

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How Active Communities Can Help Businesses Expand in New Markets

Many businesses that plan to expand to new markets will be facing unfamiliar territory. Lack of support about the situation…

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The Most Common Mistakes When Setting Up a Foreign Company in Indonesia

Everything you need to avoid while incorporating a foreign company in Indonesia. Incorporating a company in Indonesia -…

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Featured Image - Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

The State of Cryptocurrency Trading in Indonesia

Indonesia might become the world’s next hub of cryptocurrency development.  On April 2019, Drew Calin, CEO and co-founder of…

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