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How Do Unicorn Startups Grow So Fast in Indonesia?

As of January 2019, there are currently over 300 unicorn startups in the world. Indonesia is the country with the highest…

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Aurora Legal Advice | Featured Image

Why Startups Need Legal Advice When Expanding to New Countries

Legal compliance is one topic that usually escapes the notice of startup founders at first. Many founders still focus on…

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What Is Growth Hacking and How Can You Use It in Your Life?

The practice of growth hacking has been rapidly gaining traction within startup companies as a responsible way to implement…

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Green Buildings | Featured Image

Green Buildings: What They Are and How to Implement Them

The number of green buildings or buildings seeking green certification is currently growing worldwide. Developers building…

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A Summary of Indonesia’s Negative Investment List

The ultimate guide to the Indonesia Negative Investment List. Any aspiring investor planning to move into Indonesia should…

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Indonesia's Social Media Landscape: An Overview Featured Image

Indonesia’s Social Media Landscape: An Overview

About 150 million Indonesians are currently online on social media - in other words, 56 percent of the country’s massive…

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Greenhouse Milestones 2018

Greenhouse 2018 Year in Review

Highlights of Greenhouse’s Programs and Activities As Market Enabler and Green Co-Working Space Jakarta, 18 December 2018 –…

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Greenhouse Booster Program

Greenhouse Enables Companies to Enter and Scale in Indonesia

Jakarta, 19 September 2018 – Greenhouse, a co-working space that believes in connectivity and environmental sustainability,…

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How to Establish a Representative Office (KPPA) in Indonesia - Greenhouse

How to Set Up a Representative Office (KPPA) in Indonesia

What is a KPPA and how do I set it up? If you’re planning to explore investment opportunities in Indonesia, a simpler and…

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KITAS (Indonesia Work Visa) Application Process: 6 Simple Tips

What is a KITAS and how do I apply for one? Applying for an Indonesian work visa or KITAS might seem complicated to the…

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Applying for a KITAS? Make Sure you Have These Documents Ready - Greenhouse

Applying for a KITAS? Make Sure you Have These Documents Ready

If you're applying for a KITAS, it's critical that both you and your sponsor submit the correct documentation so that you're…

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Steps to Obtain Business Registration Number in Indonesia

To get the business registration number Indonesia, the company must pass the process of establishment. The company’s…

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