Applying for a KITAS? Make Sure you Have These Documents Ready

If you’re applying for a KITAS, it’s critical that both you and your sponsor submit the correct documentation so that you’re able to receive your work permit in time. Here’s the definitive list of documents both you and your sponsor will require in order to submit your KITAS application (Data current as of June 2017).

Documents to be Submitted by the Sponsor Company:

  1. Sponsor Company Akte Perusahaan (Incorporation Documents)
  2. Company’s Surat Keputusan Kehakiman dan HAM (Approval letter from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights)
  3. Company’s SIUP (Business License)
  4. Company’s BKPM Certificate (applicable if the sponsoring company is a PT. PMA)
  5. Company’s Domicile Letter
  6. Company’s TDP (Company Registration)
  7. Company’s NPWP (Taxpayer Registration)
  8. Company’s Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan
  9. Company BPJS certificates (one for the state health insurance fund and one for the state pension fund)
  10. Government issued ID (KTP) and a photograph (6 x 4 cm on a red background) of the employee that the foreign employee receiving the KITAS will train
  11. Government issued ID (KTP) and photograph (6 x 4 cm on a red background) of the primary contact person at the Company responsible for the KITAS application
  12. Organization chart of the Company with names and titles including detail on which role the foreign employee will be taking on

Documents to be Submitted by the Foreign Employee:

  1. Photo page of passport with minimum 18 months validity
  2. Work reference letters demonstrating employment over the past five years
  3. Resume and job offer letter from Sponsor Company
  4. Valid health insurance policy
  5. NPWP (Tax ID) if the employee has worked in Indonesia before
  6. Marriage certificate if a KITAS is sought for the employee’s spouse
  7. Birth certificate of all children under the age of 17 if they require dependent KITAS’
  8. Two 6 x 4 cm photographs of the employee, one with a red background and one with a white background

Applying for a work permit / KITAS in Indonesia is a fairly straightforward process if you have all of your documentation in order and work with consultants you can trust.


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