Eadoin Lock

Eadoin Lock

Hello! As part of the Business Development Team here at Greenhouse, I find the stories I've heard are never one and the same. With that, I'd love to bring more valuable content to you!

Landing Pads’ Program: Australian Government Support for Startups

If you are an Australian startup and are looking to scale up by going global, here’s your chance to get access to an Australian government support for startups program that will help you. As uncertain times continue to stay as the norm, we see in the Australian Budget 2021,

Market Readiness Assistance Grant in Singapore

Given the global pandemic, thinking about internationalization for your business might be a daunting idea in 2021. Venturing into a new market can be both risky and costly even in the best of times. Fortunately, local companies in Singapore have much to gain with the Market Readiness Assistance Grant (also

Internationalisation Fund for Businesses in England: All you need to know

If you are a startup business located in England and have your sights set on expanding to the Asia Pacific region in 2021, you have to apply for this grant, called the Internationalisation Fund, right now! This grant has been running since December 2020 and will end in early 2023.
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