Partners of Greenhouse

Partners of Greenhouse

Greenhouse manages a curated network of hundreds of professional service providers. Occasionally, we work on new content with our partners in order to share their unique insights.

Why go after the Void?

“This article was initially published by Pranab, Co-founder and CEO at Konexaa, one of our clients after we helped them to expand their business to Indonesia.” It is fascinating to see how professor @Tarun Khanna, Director of South Asia Institute at Harvard University terms business gaps as ‘institutional voids’ in

How Hong Kong Businesses are Surviving and Thriving in 2021

Having gone through their fourth wave of the virus, many Hong Kong (HK) businesses suffered as the country enforced stricter social distancing measures. CPA Australia’s 2020-21 Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey also showed that the country’s businesses’ confidence has also reached a record low as only 16 percent of

Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Report

Our partners at Whub have teamed up with the key players of the startup scene in Hong Kong to create the ultimate Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Toolbox. The Hong Kong startup report covers: Why choose Hong Kong to startup Hong Kong startup ecosystem in numbers Proximity to China Growing, diverse

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law and Effects on Foreign Investors in 2021

“This article was initially published by Floris van der Velde, Associate Director, Business Development at Vistra, one of Greenhouse’s vetted service providers.” Quick Navigation Background: Indonesia’s Omnibus Law Omnibus law summary So, what does the omnibus law mean? Changes foreign investors need to look out for: Simplified business

How to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Indonesia for Foreign Companies

Once the company registration process is complete, you are then required to open a corporate bank account. Indonesia also provides a variety of financial institutions ranging from local banks to international banks. This article will guide you through what you need to know about successfully opening a corporate bank account

How to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Singapore for Foreign Companies

Upon successfully incorporating your company, opening a corporate bank account in Singapore is essential to facilitate your business operations. Most Singapore banks offer appealing incentives such as credit cards, freedom to move funds across countries, multi-currency accounts, trade financing, and more. It is essential to review each bank to ensure

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a business in Hong Kong

Starting a business in Hong Kong is a topic that has received a lot of attention as the city is one of the major financial centers of Asia Pacific. Yet, in helping hundreds of companies to expand across the region we have found out that there are aspects related to

The Complete Guide to Setting up a WFOE in China

China’s Greater Bay Area holds great potential for foreign market expansion as the opportunities are snowballing in this region. Meanwhile, our partners at FastLane Group have successfully expanded their business presence into Mainland China, located in Shenzhen. As they are keen to help companies with their China incorporation process,

5 Important things to know about Sole Proprietorship in Malaysia

If you’ve ever tried to search for more information about starting a business, you may have come across a certain term before: sole proprietorship. Of course, this may have made you wonder, “What exactly is a sole proprietorship?” While it may sound rather intimidating at first glance, do not
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