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Where do companies go wrong when expanding to Asia?

Tips on how to avoid international expansion failures.Most companies see themselves as data-and analysis-driven yet many still end up making common international expansion mistakes when expanding to Asia. These are the most common international expansion mistakes we have witnessed in our work: Tips on how to avoid international expansion

Repeat: Add all learnings to your playbook and focus on the next market

Expanding abroad is a difficult and long process.There are many challenges companies face going global. Reviewing decisions and progress too frequently may backfire, but it is important to reevaluate your efforts and investment to improve your playbook consistently. In our experience, most companies do that annually, unless they experience

Global recruitment strategy: Focus on recruiting great talent

Assuming you have hired a great local executive team, the process of building the rest of the team must be straight forward. The local management would be able to tap into the relevant communities and attract good talent. Having said that, do consider that the cultural differences will always be

Global Trade Compliance

Source: Greenhouse.coJurisdiction complexityDepending on where you are expanding to, you may face many challenges as it comes to global trade compliance, especially when you start incorporating and securing the necessary licenses. A good indicator of how complicated it may be to form a new entity is the following rankings:

Market-Product Fit

Reaching market-product fit is the point in time when you feel confident that the newly tested market will work great for your product. It's hard to measure it in a quantitative manner, but you can pay attention to these market-product fit metrics: Traffic coming from that market, and direct traffic

Double down - Consider setting up foreign representative office

Alright, by now, you have proven your early assumptions by outsourcing market research and validation services. Your total spent so far is quite low, and the results are promising. What do you do next? Start investing quickly while you have momentum and early signs of traction. Source: Greenhouse.coWhile the

How To Do Market Validation?

Alright, by now, you have a clear hypothesis of which market might be a good fit for your solution. Next, we recommend you test that market by outsourcing business development efforts on the ground until you reach market-product fit. Also, to figure out how to do market validation. If you

Research and Build Market Hypothesis

Define Your Market and Target Audience Key HypothesisSource: Greenhouse.coIn this phase, you have to map the market hypothesis, key objectives, and think through the main challenges you may face. We recommend you to go through the following considerations as it comes to defining your target market and early market

A Framework for International Growth

In a continuation from our previous article covering “Factors to consider before going global” we have prepared a framework to help guide companies when expanding to new markets around the world. The framework for international growth covers many case studies and observations of helping more than 100 startups to expand
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