8 Huge Myths of Coworking Spaces in 2021

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You’ve probably heard people say things like,

“Coworking spaces are way noisy and unconducive!

... only for startup companies, not really fit for big expanding businesses!”

... too expensive!”

Well, it’s about time to change those opinions. In this article, we are going to debunk the 8 biggest misconceptions around coworking spaces, as these myths can stand in the way of you finding out just how amazing coworking can be for networking and productivity.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Myth #1: Coworking Spaces are too Distracting and Noisy

While it’s true that you’ll find in most coworking spaces a certain level of noise, laughter, chatter, and action going on throughout the day, it really all comes down to your definition of what is distracting and what is not in a working environment.

If you are sitting somewhere noisy, you can always move to a quieter part of the office. Many shared workspaces are designed to cater to all work styles and you can choose the one that is right for you.
There are many scholarly articles and studies, like this, that suggests that working in a buzzy coworking community can actually help boost productivity and promote good business practices. The reasons quoted are that coworkers have a large business and social network that allows for more creative discussions and collaborative work.

coworking space

But, we understand that sometimes having your individual private space is just as important. Hence why most coworking spaces also provide private offices, break-out spaces, and private meeting rooms that are available for you and your clients. Therefore, it’s easy to find the perfect blend of dedication, flexibility, and location.

Myth #2: Coworking Spaces are just for Freelancers and Startup Companies

Don’t believe the myth that only freelancers and startup companies choose these spaces. It’s a wide-ranging coworking ecosystem of huge businesses, entrepreneurs, and everything in between.

Coworking is inclusive by definition and attracts a range of ages, experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets. Don’t let the stereotype of a coworking space put you off into making the leap. You’ll be amazed at what you discover when you do. Even corporations are recognizing the value of flexibility and space for their operations.

For example, huge corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are among one the biggest companies to start introducing sharing workspaces into their company as well.

So, even though it is possible that startup founders and entrepreneurs are the types of workers to flock into coworking spaces, it doesn’t mean that other workers from different backgrounds and industries won’t fit in.

Myth #3: All Coworking Spaces are pretty much the Same

Coworking spaces vary widely from place to place. So, if you find that one isn’t to your taste, just try another. The “vibes”, levels of social interaction, and levels of community vary quite a bit from place to place.

It’s always important to research before you make a commitment. If you value flexibility, there’s a shared workspace just for you. If you want more space for the growth of your company, you’ll be able to find somewhere to accommodate you. And, if you’re interested in a space that is environmentally conscious, it’s out there too!

Check out also the Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Southeast Asia, to see how even with the same concept, the architectural designs are still vastly different.

Myth #4: Coworking Spaces Can’t Accommodate Your Operational Needs

If you picture a coworking space as just a small office space that won’t be able to give you the resources you need to get work done, you couldn’t be more wrong.

These spaces almost always have printers, scanners, and plenty of plugs for whatever you might need to run your business.

To ensure that office spaces have all the necessary resources that you need, you can approach us at Greenhouse to help connect you to our service providers who can help you with your office space needs.

Myth #5: It’s expensive and unexpandable

This is simply untrue! At a coworking space, you can rent based on daily, weekly, or monthly rates instead of an annual lease. Flexibility is a strong suit, so, this way, if your company hires more over the next few months, you don’t have to go find a new office to sit in, but just rent an extra desk in the same space.

In most cases, you’ll be paying based on factors like the location of your desk, the number of employees, and as mentioned on rates of your choice.

An article from Make Office mentioned that:

“Larger companies have come to view coworking as a retention tool. They now are able to offer their employees amenities, networking opportunities, and events, creating a unique workplace experience, they would not be able to easily get if they had their own office.

Joining a coworking space is ideal for getting a team up and running quickly or for a satellite office in a new city without an extensive build-out.”

Some big companies embrace the coworking culture as they are able to outsource certain business functions and spaces because they lack the human resources to do it in-house.

You also have the added opportunity of networking within the shared office space, perhaps even find your next employee or investor. Oh, and did we mention weekly events, yet? With the option of using a larger space, you can hold seminars and networking sessions as well.

Myth #6: Coworking spaces lack privacy

In a shared space with many other companies working alongside yours, it’s understandable that confidentiality may be an issue. This could also pose a threat to your company culture as well.

However, there is the option of getting a designated workspace for your employees. This means that having your own space, in the midst of the collaborative network just outside your door, is still a possible option.

Though a valid concern, it is a factor that you still can be in complete control of.

Myth #7: Coworking spaces are unsafe

Just like a typical office building, coworking spaces also have surveillance cameras scattered around to ensure the safety of belongings and your employees. Some coworking spaces might also require some sort of identification before allowing access. Rest assured that these spaces are safe and secure.

Today, in 2021, you may be asking how coworking spaces and companies that use them survive?

WeWork, a company that provides shared workspaces for companies, is among the few who still believe that coworking spaces can still have a future. They have installed air filtration systems, enforce the wearing of masks, and introduced the use of a hybrid office in order to keep their employees safe. This ensures adequate social distancing and allows those who need to be in the office to come back safely.

As such, don’t say goodbye to coworking spaces just yet!

Myth #8: Coworking spaces are unprofessional

event in a coworking space

Not true! Coworking spaces are still business workspaces.

In reality, shared workspaces hold such a vast network of like-minded individuals with a variety of backgrounds. It is a place where you’ll get to hold meaningful conversations that will spark innovation.

In such an environment, is where you’ll learn to respect and appreciate the multitudes of ideas and different perspectives.

As mentioned also, while there are open areas for casual conversations to organically take place, there are also private meeting rooms and seminar rooms for private events.

So, are coworking spaces really worth it?

We think so!

What makes this space even more valuable and sustainable is that it will produce happier employees who will show up more to work, go the extra mile for your company, and create a conducive company culture that everyone will love!

So, there you have it, all of the 8 biggest myths regarding coworking spaces debunked by the special team of Mythbusters here at Greenhouse.

If this has helped to convince you of the benefits of coworking spaces and in search of one, we can help connect you to pre-screened service providers who will be able to outsource the right office space for your company.

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