Greenhouse Founder's Statement

I stumbled upon the very issue we're addressing here at Greenhouse in a completely organic way. We originally launched this company in 2018 as a co-working space based in Singapore, with our first operational location in Jakarta Indonesia.

It turned out that setting up an international entity in Indonesia without proper guidance was a miserable experience. The process to incorporate was confusing and set up took months. Months! Who has months when you're a startup?

In retrospect, it's clear that we overspent, received poor advice on how to structure the business, and spent far too much time validating and getting second opinions. We ultimately launched local operations 4 months late. As you might imagine, this was brutal for our timeline and cash flow.

Two key factors contributed to the situation: First, rapid growth markets are opaque; government sites are incredibly vague and regulations change frequently, so information gathering is a taxing process. Second, the players in this space are digitally nascent; most of the service providers upon whom we rely to help us research and launch our businesses are incredibly traditional. They move slowly, keep a lot of fine print, and have all the leverage in the relationship.

Our experience wasn’t unique, either. Just about anyone who's set up a business across these markets will tell you that it's a time consuming, tedious, and risky process.

But, it doesn't have to be.

This is where we come in. We're here for our customers because we are one. We’ve experienced this first-hand, and while every startup and business is different, we all share one massive pain point in common: we just can't seem to move fast enough.

You and I, we’ve got big problems to solve, like building products our customers love, capitalizing our businesses, growing commercials, building teams, executing our go-to-market plans, and little time to do it all. We’re consistently under-resourced and chasing deadlines. No one has time for cold calls, cold emails, sourcing multiple quotes, qualifying service providers, negotiating rates, and managing these projects from start to finish.

If we can order groceries, tailored suits, and laundry services online, we should be able to source and manage the same for professional services as well.

Enter Greenhouse, Asia's market entry and growth services platform. We go to market, gather intelligence, qualify service providers, and build a technology platform so that you can get the job done within minutes instead of weeks or even months, like we did. Our technology allows us to match our customers with the most qualified and relevant service providers, based on the unique requirements of each project, within minutes. So fast, you can get the job done in a cab ride.

Ours is a purpose driven company. We’re helping startups and scaleups expand across strategic markets more quickly and efficiently, directly contributing to the economic growth of the markets we so deeply care about. When new entities are formed, staff are hired, products and services are sold, consumers spend, people put their children in school, buy homes, and the middle class grows. It’s a beautiful cycle, and one we're thrilled to be a part of.

We also make it a point to contribute to Asia’s environmental wellbeing. I believe the business decision makers of this generation have an obligation to sustainable operations and objectives. So we plant 1 tree for every new customer, service provider, and partner who enters our ecosystem. To date, we've planted more than 3,000 trees. We aspire to directly contribute to business and environmental growth, simultaneously, across some of the most unique and compelling markets in the world.

I hope you join us in our quest to move the needle. Let's all do good, together.

Upward and onward, my friends.

Drew Calin

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