Greenhouse Enables Companies to Enter and Scale in Indonesia

Jakarta, 19 September 2018Greenhouse, a co-working space that believes in connectivity and environmental sustainability, launches Greenhouse Booster Program — a program that helps both local and international companies, with an end to end service in order to ease their entry and presence in Indonesia’s market. Each of the members (companies) will be well equipped and supported with relevant information and/or services to enter and grow their businesses in Indonesia.

Indonesia as a fast-growing market has been attracting many international investors and companies. Looking at this opportunity, Greenhouse, who just opened their first location in Jakarta six months ago, expands their business to cater more than just a co-working space. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Drew Calin (Former Head of Enterprise Sales at Linkedin), Vicknesh R Pillay (Founding Partner at TNB Ventures), and Manish Nathani (Founder and Director of Colorblind Labs), Greenhouse launches Booster Program to help companies overcome difficulties in fast-growing markets.

“At Greenhouse, our main goals are to help drive economic growth and environmental consciousness in rapid growth markets. Essentially, it is about helping companies to succeed in these markets by creating inspiring office spaces and moreover connecting them to a wide network of partners and trusted service providers,” said Drew Calin, CEO of Greenhouse.

Greenhouse Booster Program helps members by giving access and support to prospective clients, innovative solutions and visibility of Indonesia’s entrepreneurial community. The members are also served with information such as market knowledge and brand power. Companies (members) who are planning to tap in or sustain their businesses in Indonesia will also be provided with relevant and credible reports or studies on the Indonesian market, investment landscape, digital development, technology trends, list of investors in the region, growth hacks, and many more through Greenhouse Insights.

The information stored in this database is handpicked to support any company doing business in Indonesia. Greenhouse has been working together with four venture capital firms from the region, who have shared their insights in order to help and support communities on their journey to build more successful businesses in Indonesia.

Greenhouse Booster Program Partners
Greenhouse Booster Program Partners

Approximately 20 partners participate in the program, each partner is carefully selected to match the needs of Greenhouse members and deliver relevant services in a variety of business-related categories, such as:

  • Market Entry Services (Incorporation, Visas)
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Printing
  • Recruitment
  • Cloud Computing
  • Investment
  • Lifestyle Services

Viktor Kyosev, Head of Greenhouse Indonesia, mentioned, “While many co-working spaces are about fun, Greenhouse is all about the growth of companies, the people they employ and the communities they love. We tried to create a more sophisticated work environment that is built upon natural elements like sunlight, exposed wood, and real vegetation in order to promote the wellness of our members. The Booster Program is the manifestation of this goal in the form of valuable services and connections.”

One of the companies that have already benefited from the program is manypixels, an unlimited design service provider that grew its team from one man to 20 people over the last five months in Greenhouse. “Greenhouse assisted us by referring to the right network of partners to help with market entry services such as setting up a local representative office and visas, which we probably couldn’t have done without Greenhouse,” said Robin Vander Heyden, CEO of manypixels.

As of today, Greenhouse Booster Program gives in-kind products and services to the Greenhouse community for free with a total value of around IDR 500.000.000 (SGD 50.000). For more information about the Greenhouse Booster Program, view the official document.

Coworking Area
Greenhouse Coworking Area

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