How Greenhouse Reached A World-Class NPS in 2019

Building a world-class event venue.

Creating events that can engage and delight audiences is a surefire way of expanding your business network. Event organizing isn’t simple, though; the logistics of the event venue and customer service play equally important roles in making sure your guests are happy.

Viktor Kyosev, Greenhouse’s Head of Indonesia with over six years of experience in event organizing and hospitality, weighs in about this topic in this article. 

Uniting flexible spaces and people-focused services.

We launched the first Greenhouse location in early 2018 and from the very beginning, our event organizing line managed to attract some of the world’s most successful and innovative brands. This includes Apple, Google, AWS, Nestle, Plug and Play, Visa, Microsoft, Salesforce, and many more.

A year later, I’m looking at the portfolio of companies that repeatedly chose our event venues with a sense of pride for our team’s efforts. I decided to take a moment to reflect on our success, shown through our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70+ for our event venue product line.

Some of the companies that have used Greenhouse's event venue service since 2018.
Some of the companies that have used Greenhouse’s event venue service since 2018.

When working with the world’s largest companies, the margin of error is slim. If you want to attract and retain the best of the best, you need to truly understand the challenges those companies are facing and provide a “Wow!” experience at every phase of the customer journey.

After all, events are dynamic in nature. Months of preparation goes in the trash bin as last minute changes happen, or things simply go sideways and you need to improvise. As a result, event organizing means you’re going to face many decisions.

Choosing the venue is perhaps the single most impactful one. Everything else like the date, catering, decor, staff, and event organizer are secondary. The venue you have selected will partly affect all of them.

When I say the venue, I mean both the physical space and the people behind it. Let me elaborate.

We leverage our space and amenities.

Hotel ballrooms have dominated the small to medium market for corporate events for years, until the point where they have become the go-to place when throwing an important corporate activity.

Yet hotels are mainly optimized for celebration focused activities such as birthdays and weddings. Their setups are mundane and don’t bring any other value than convenience.

Scene from the Australian Embassy in Indonesia's Digital Month event on October 2018 in Greenhouse at Multivision Tower, Jakarta.
A scene from the Australian Embassy in Indonesia’s Digital Month event on October 2018 in Greenhouse at Multivision Tower, Jakarta.

On the other hand, throwing an event at a professional workspace comes with certain perks:

First, the space is optimized for business with amenities like screens, projectors, markers, flipcharts, plugs and many more.

Second, you can tap into an ecosystem of companies to source speakers, attendees, and thought leaders.

Third, in the case of Greenhouse, we strive for sustainable operations, attracting like-minded organizations that care about the environment and their business footprint.

Finally, another perk of throwing your event at Greenhouse is the beautiful interior optimized for wellness and productivity through abundant natural light and greenery.

Having said that, the event venue on its own cannot guarantee customer retention. The secret sauce lies in the customer experience.

We focus on the customer’s experience.

Our team at Greenhouse obsesses over our costumers to the extent that we rebranded our “Community” department to “Customer Experience.” Please note the wording, “customer experience” and not “customer service.”

Customer service implies that you are reactive, while customer experience is proactive in nature.


Customer experience is a holistic approach focusing on the entire customer lifecycle. Meanwhile, customer service comes in the picture mainly when there is negative feedback from the client. While it’s undeniable that changing the department’s name comes with a better attitude from our team, it’s not enough on its own.

As a point of departure, we run frequent training on customer experience inspired by Pine and Gilmore’s The Experience Economy: Work is Theater & Every Business A Stage.

Additionally, we leverage the latest technology to ensure seamless communication across departments and prompt responses to our client’s needs.

A scene from the launch event of Grow Asia Hackathon 2019 hosted in Greenhouse's event venue at Multivision Tower, Jakarta.
A scene from the launch event of Grow Asia Hackathon 2019 hosted in Greenhouse’s event venue at Multivision Tower, Jakarta.

Don’t forget to collect feedback.

Last but not least, we actively seek feedback. Qualitative during interactions with the client, and quantitative via an NPS survey we send automatically after every event.

For those of you who are not familiar with NPS, it’s a way to measure your customers’ loyalty developed by Fred Reichheld at Bain & Company in 2003.

NPS is calculated by asking a simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

Based on their responses on a 0–10 scale, we group our customers into:

  • Promoters (9–10 score),
  • Passives (7–8 score), and
  • Detractors (0–6 score).

Then, subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters and you have your NPS score.

The score ranges from -100 (all detractors) to +100 (all promoters). An NPS score greater than 0 is considered good, 50+ is excellent and 70+ as in the case of Greenhouse is world-class. NPS and direct traffic to your website are the two most important metrics as they correlate with word-of-mouth virality.

Let me try to summarize.

  • Unique venues with sustainable operations and optimized for wellness.
  • Customer Experience focus, technology and actively seeking feedback at all times.

It seems simple, but it took us a lot of effort in recruiting great people. Not just that, but also training them with world-class learning and development programs focused on creating experiences.

If you have questions or would like to see our venues for yourself, check out more about Greenhouse’s event venues.