How Greenhouse Simplifies Your Incorporation Service Selection

Building a marketplace to help start your business

Many countries in Southeast Asia still have complex bureaucracies that can be challenging for businesses to navigate. Hence, many businesses planning to expand in these countries prefer to look for business-to-business (B2B) service providers like company incorporation and secretary agencies — which, unfortunately, can be a long and complicated process.

Greenhouse aims to simplify these processes by building an incorporation services and corporate secretarial marketplace that makes it easier for you to source service providers to help you set foot in Southeast Asian markets. Here’s how we do it.

Comparing pricing options

Greenhouse B2B Marketplace - Pricing Options
Greenhouse allows businesses to instantly review price ranges for different incorporation services online.

Normally, B2B services like company incorporation tend to be priced higher and involve more stakeholders compared to business-to-consumer (B2C) products, resulting in a long consideration process.

B2B consumers usually want to be better informed and compare prices more thoroughly before making a decision. In contrast, B2C products usually have shorter sales cycles ⁠— even purchasing on the spot.

Moreover, some B2B services like company incorporation are usually tailored to the consumer, it can be more complicated to accurately compare prices. You would have to contact each service provider individually, describe your case, wait to get your quotation and repeat the process for each of your service provider options.

Greenhouse has also simplified this process by offering each service provider’s starting prices for different incorporation options right here on our platform. This way, you can decide right away which service provider and service option best fit your needs and budget.

You can use this to get a sense of how much your service type will cost. However, your exact price might vary based on the complexity of your case. You’ll provide your full service list and quotation after your initial assessment with your service provider.

Comparing service provider profiles

Greenhouse B2B Marketplace - Service Provider Profile
Greenhouse lets you review each service provider’s profile information on the platform.

Just like when buying anything, you may want to review different service providers to make sure that you choose the right option when buying a B2B service.

However, comparing incorporation service providers can be difficult to do.

Normally, you’d have to research each service provider manually, contact them one by one, and build a shortlist. Overall, comparing service providers might take weeks or even months.

This difficulty can be a challenge because the quality of your chosen service provider will affect your company from the very beginning.

Greenhouse simplifies this process by offering you several service provider options in Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines for you to compare. Depending on the complexity of your case, it can just take one day to choose your service provider and start delivering your request.

The information we provide include:

  • Years of operation, to demonstrate their experience
  • Number of employees, to show their capacity in attending to requests
  • Countries served, to show their familiarity with different countries’ needs and regulations
  • Social footprint, to show their influence and thought leadership in their fields

We’ve pre-reviewed all the service providers in our network to make sure they have a great portfolio and track record. This means you never have to worry about quality — just pick the service provider that fits your needs and budget.

How do I get started?

Choose your service provider

Check out our marketplace page to review, compare, and connect to incorporation service providers to help start your business.

Get matched to the right service provider

If you’d like some more guidance, we can match you to a service provider that’s most suited to you. Let us know your needs.

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