Managing Your Pivot Like a Pro

“The most important one was the moment I realize what’s going on and that we need to wait to go full speed
with this pivot was to cut one time, really deep. The last thing that you want is to cut again and again and again,
and fire people, cause that’s going to destroy your culture.

People are going to be afraid whether they’re going to stay the next month or not. I think the first decision that
was very important was you’ll make need to cut deeper than what seems necessary,

but that’s better than cutting less.” 

Viktor Kyosev

A few weeks ago, Sven dropped me a message inviting me to his podcast, The Founders Tribe.”

Every week, the Founders Tribe brings together operators from the startup world to give them a platform to share their learnings.

Their mission is to elevate and inspire 100.000 startups entrepreneurs globally by providing access to expert knowledge and access to over 1000+ investors.

That resonated with me, and I got excited about this opportunity.

During our conversation, we touched on the following topics:

  • My background and views on how to navigate your career trajectory
  • Pivoting my career from the hospitality sector to technology
  • Greenhouse’s pivot and what steps we took to change the direction of the business successfully
  • What was the impact of COVID19, and how we approached layoffs?
  • What foreign businesses need to consider when expanding to fast-growth markets?
  • The startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia
  • The struggle of running an early-stage startup
  • At what point in time it makes sense to develop your first playbook and when it’s too early
  • Taking decisions in a fast-paced environment
  • How to be effective when working remotely
  • What’s next for commercial real-estate given the impact of COVID19?

Watch the video recording here:

This article was initially published in Viktor Kyosev’s (COO of Greenhouse) weekly newsletter, where he shares his views on the topic of startups, growth and fast-growth markets: