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New Incorporated Companies in SEA

Winning fast-growth markets

This post was initially published at Greenhouse’s COO blog where he shares his views on the topic of startups, growth and…

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business sectors thriving in COVID-19

5 Southeast Asia’s Business Sectors Thriving in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Southeast Asian countries are struggling with the new reality due to the COVID-19 outbreak in H1 2020. Hence, the short-term…

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Vietnam’s Measures in Handling the Spread of the Coronavirus

Vietnam’s Measures in Handling the Spread of the Coronavirus

Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash by Dilinh Legal (06 March 2020) How Vietnam is fighting COVID-19 and being recognised by…

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Overview of the five largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, measured by online traffic. Source: The Map of E-commerce, iPrice Group, April 2019

Regional Innovation Networks in Southeast Asia

Asian markets are becoming more connected and producing several innovation hubs. Asia is becoming the world’s largest…

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Ken Rati Iswari

Tips on Hiring IT and Tech Talent in Indonesia (Interview)

As Indonesia's startup ecosystem grows, the demand for tech talent by both local and foreign companies are rising more than…

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Top Active Venture Capitals in Southeast Asia

Who Are the Most Active Tech Investors in Southeast Asia?

Who are some key players in Southeast Asia’s tech investment landscape? Southeast Asia is a strong market for venture…

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Interview: Alvin Christian and Emmanuel Sunaryo

Indonesia and Southeast Asia’s Business Complexity (Interview)

How do different situations in different countries affect the ease of doing business? Greenhouse interviewed Alvin Christian…

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Anthony Reza | Featured Image

How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand (Interview)

During Startup Weekend Jakarta 2019 on 6 April 2019, Greenhouse interviewed Anthony Reza Prasetya, Co-Founder and CEO of…

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Retno Dewati | Featured Image

Building Startup Ecosystem Indonesia & SEA: Interview

Viktor Kyosev, Greenhouse's Head of Indonesia, interviews Retno Dewati, a venture capital alumnus and venture builder in…

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4 Ways Technology is Changing Southeast Asia’s Travel Industry

Online travel is spearheading Southeast Asia's growth With some of the world's most popular tourist destinations, tourism…

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Venture Capital Activity in the Largest Archipelago - Greenhouse

Your Ultimate Guide to Unicorn Startups in Singapore

An overview of all the unicorn startups in Singapore. As one of the most active finance and tech hubs in the world,…

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Paolo Rentero Interview | Featured Image

Developing the Philippines as a Startup Hub in Southeast Asia

Drew Calin, CEO of Greenhouse, interviews Paolo Rentero, co-founder of Digiteer and TechShake, during IGNITE 2019 on June 24…

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