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Anthony Reza | Featured Image

How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand (Interview)

During Startup Weekend Jakarta 2019 on 6 April 2019, Greenhouse interviewed Anthony Reza Prasetya, Co-Founder and CEO of…

16 Minutes Read

Retno Dewati | Featured Image

Interview: Building the Startup Ecosystem in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Viktor Kyosev, Greenhouse's Head of Indonesia, interviews Retno Dewati, a venture capital alumnus and venture builder in…

1 Minutes Read

4 Ways Technology is Changing Southeast Asia’s Travel Industry

Online travel is spearheading Southeast Asia's growth With some of the world's most popular tourist destinations, tourism…

10 Minutes Read

Venture Capital Activity in the Largest Archipelago - Greenhouse

Your Ultimate Guide to Unicorn Startups in Singapore

An overview of all the unicorn startups in Singapore. As one of the most active finance and tech hubs in the world,…

16 Minutes Read

Paolo Rentero Interview | Featured Image

Developing the Philippines as a Startup Hub in Southeast Asia

Drew Calin, CEO of Greenhouse, interviews Paolo Rentero, co-founder of Digiteer and TechShake, during IGNITE 2019 on June 24…

1 Minutes Read

Challenges of Doing Business in Indonesia | Featured Image

Top 5 Challenges of Doing Business in Indonesia

How challenging is it to do business in Indonesia? The British Chamber of Commerce conceived the Business Confidence Index…

9 Minutes Read

Moving On from Banking Job to Become a Startup Guru

In April 2019, Adam Haluska, Greenhouse's Head of Marketing, interviewed Joy Taylor, an international startup coach and…

2 Minutes Read

List of Emerging Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia's economy is becoming more attractive for foreign and domestic investment. As the fourth most populous country in…

12 Minutes Read

Digital Industry In Indonesia - Featured Image

Indonesia’s Digital Economy: Growth Prospects After 2020

Research by Google-Temasek suggests that Southeast Asia's digital economy will grow beyond $240 billion in 2025. Moreover,…

11 Minutes Read

Unicorns, Venture Capital and Startups around the World - Greenhouse

How Do Unicorn Startups Grow So Fast in Indonesia?

As of January 2019, there are currently over 300 unicorn startups in the world. Indonesia is the country with the highest…

13 Minutes Read

Aurora Legal Advice | Featured Image

Why Startups Need Legal Advice When Expanding to New Countries

Legal compliance is one topic that usually escapes the notice of startup founders at first. Many founders still focus on…

10 Minutes Read

Indonesia's Social Media Landscape: An Overview Featured Image

Indonesia’s Social Media Landscape: An Overview

About 150 million Indonesians are currently online on social media - in other words, 56 percent of the country’s massive…

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