Introducing "the Growthspurt, from startup to scale up" a Greenhouse podcast series.

Why do we constantly reinvent the wheel, when we know better?!?

As founders, business leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs, we all fight the same battles on a daily basis - product development, funding, staffing, product market fit, customer satisfaction, commercial growth, and ultimately... scale. Sure, every business is unique in its own right, but as a startup founder myself, I've observed that we can learn SO much from each other... by simply sharing.

That's why I'm launching this podcast series "the Growthspurt, from startup to scale up", in Q2 of this year.

Drew Calin, Co-Founder and CEO of Greenhouse

In this series, I'll be interviewing founders and execs from some of the most interesting brands in the world, to learn about how they navigated the waters and managed to reach hyper-growth. We'll start right here, in Asia, who's landscapes present some of the most appealing, but complex markets on the planet. We'll soon expand our reach into other fast growth markets, like Africa, LATAM, NAMER, and more.

If you're keen to listen and learn together, please register. For those with any particular requests, we'd love to hear them. Just drop us a note and I'll personally read every single one, and respond as quickly as possible. Lastly, if you know anyone who'd like this kind of content, please share this post.

Thank you all,
Upwards and onwards!

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