Ready, set, GO TO MARKET!

OK, so 2020 was an off year to say the least. We don't need to dwell on it too much here though - we've all had enough, so I'd prefer to look at the silver lining. Through it all,  many of us are taking away some material learning lessons this past year, and I'd like to share one of my own.

Professionally speaking, I'm thrilled to see the digital world excel. It's inevitable of course, but I believe we're witnessing 4-5 years of digital acceleration condensed into one year, 2020. Online businesses are surging as we all turn to digital mediums to get our jobs done, and the line between digital commerce for B2C and B2B has become thinner than ever.

The entire Greenhouse team and I have been hard at work all year, building a platform to help startups and scale-ups expand across Asian markets, even while borders are closed. We work in a time where this is actually possible, which is remarkable! We're using technology to address the inefficiencies of sourcing professional service providers, to execute go to market strategies here in Asia. One marketplace platform, offering access to qualified services providers to help with every stage of the process - from market research and validation, to incorporation, business operations, and coming soon - commercial services.

We service our customers within this field because we ARE one. We've been through this process ourselves. Far too much time and energy goes into due diligence, when we can leverage technology to alleviate the resource crunch and bottlenecks.

Q4 2020 was a record quarter for us and this will continue into 2021. Professional service providers will continue to turn to digital mediums to expand their online presence, making them more discoverable to users in need of their services. More business leaders will turn to digital platforms like ours, to help them gather information to make quicker, more effective business decisions, to help them move quickly and scale their operations across borders.

I'd like to thank all of our staff, customers, service providers, and partners. Thank you for your confidence, continued input, and the opportunity to be a part of your story. I hope for more of the same, and continued success to all in 2021 for us all.

Upward and onward, my friends.

Drew Calin
CEO at Greenhouse

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