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Greenhouse Founder's Statement

I stumbled upon the very issue we're addressing here at Greenhouse in a completely organic way. We originally launched this company in 2018 as a co-working space based in Singapore, with our first operational location in Jakarta Indonesia. It turned out that setting up an international entity in Indonesia without

Ready, set, GO TO MARKET!

OK, so 2020 was an off year to say the least. We don't need to dwell on it too much here though - we've all had enough, so I'd prefer to look at the silver lining. Through it all,  many of us are taking away some material learning lessons this

How Greenhouse Simplifies Your Online Incorporation Service Selection

Quick Navigation Building a B2B marketplace in fast-growth markets We work only with qualified service providers Comprehensive profiles and the matchmaking system Fast process in simple steps Step 1: Choose your service provider Step 2: Confirm the scope of work Step 3: Service delivery Building a B2B marketplace in fast-growth

Which Companies Can Use A Virtual Office in Indonesia?

Quick Navigation Looking for a virtual office in Indonesia? Can foreign companies use a virtual office? Are there companies that have to use physical office spaces? The business fields that can’t use virtual offices include: E-commerce companies Construction companies Tourism Companies Transport companies Property developers Event organizers What if

How Greenhouse Reached A World-Class NPS in 2019

Quick Navigation Building a world-class event venue. Uniting flexible spaces and people-focused services. We leverage our space and amenities. We focus on the customer’s experience. Don’t forget to collect feedback. Building a world-class event venue.Creating events that can engage and delight audiences is a surefire way of

Green Buildings: What They Are and How to Implement Them

The number of green buildings or buildings seeking green certification is currently growing worldwide. Developers building green-certified constructions projects are projected to increase until at least 2021. There are a number of benefits in sustainable construction, which makes this sector more and more attractive both to building owners and tenants.

Increase Productivity at Work, Science-Based

Everyone wants to be more productive. Our How to Increase Productivity at Work explains science-based ways to be more productive. Here's a list of the our science-based tips: 1. Don’t work overtime. 2. Stop multitasking. 3. Try to get natural light. 4. Learn to say no. 5. Don’t

Event Recap: World Environment Day 2018 with the Embassies of Sweden and Denmark

Quick navigation Looking back to World Environment Day 2018 What is World Environment Day? Working together to beat plastic pollution Taking the initiative in sustainable business operations Sweden commits to reducing plastic waste Denmark aims to help businesses be more sustainable Events that make a difference Looking back to World
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