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5 Important things to know about Sole Proprietorship in Malaysia

If you’ve ever tried to search for more information about starting a business, you may have come across a certain term before: sole proprietorship. Of course, this may have made you wonder, “What exactly is a sole proprietorship?” While it may sound rather intimidating at first glance, do not

A case study with SecondMuse on Business Matching and Startup Expansion

We sat down with Kintan Ayunda, Senior Associate at SecondMuse to discuss how Greenhouse supported Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) by SecondMuse and their portfolio of startups with business matching, market research, and workshops. All startups were expanding or testing Surabaya, Indonesia as a potential market for their plastic prevention

Market Intelligence Case Study with BigBang Angels

A case study on BigBang Angels's (BBA) latest outbound market intelligence program for South Korean startups planning to expand to Southeast Asia. Greenhouse helped BBA's portfolio to test a variety of markets while connecting them with potential clients.

Your Complete Guide to Doing Business in Thailand 2020

Doing business in Thailand has never been easier. According to the World Bank, Thailand is one of the great development success stories. Moreover, Thailand has moved up six places to 21st out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings 2020. While economic growth is

Ultimate Guide to Doing Business in Indonesia - The Most Complex Jurisdiction

When it comes to ease of doing business, Indonesia is ranked as the world’s most complex jurisdiction. Compared to other APAC countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, incorporating business in Indonesia can be a hassle. But why is it still one of the most exciting fast-growth markets to enter?

11 market entry experts share how to successfully expand to Indonesia?

We asked 11 of Indonesia’s leading market entry experts, “what is their number one tip for foreign businesses planning to expand to Indonesia?”Collectively those experts have helped +3000 companies to expand to Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago. Expanding to Indonesia: the world’s most complex jurisdictionRecently, TMF

Regional Innovation Networks in Southeast Asia

Asian markets are becoming more connected and producing several innovation hubs.Asia is becoming the world’s largest economy and unique characteristics about its markets are enticing more businesses to expand there. According to data from McKinsey, the networks that are being built by countries within the continent are helping

Differences between Employment Pass and Entrepreneur Pass in Singapore

Learn how to choose between an Employment Pass and Entrepreneur Pass in Singapore.Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular markets for both foreign businesses and workers — which is why their government offers a variety of work visa solutions for foreign nationals. An Employment Pass (EP) and Entrepreneur

Alien Employment Permit vs Special Work Permit in the Philippines

Learn about the different options for work permits in the Philippines.The Philippines offers a variety of different work permit options, and it can be challenging to understand which one is the right choice for your case. One example is deciding between an Alien Employment Permit and Special Work Permit
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