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How to scale revenues, remotely

If you’re a founder reading this article, odds are you’re already thinking about how to scale and grow revenue internationally. When, where, and how to manage the process with minimal risk and upfront commitment. We know because we’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve helped hundreds of

Best Practices for Fundraising Capital in Southeast Asia | Interview with 500 Startups

Greenhouse has served over a hundred startups in expanding their business in the Asia Pacific region. More recently, some of our bigger clients and accelerators have raised the issue that perhaps certain aspects of fundraising and understanding opportunities in the Southeast Asian region are a whole different ball game compared

Landing Pads’ Program: Australian Government Support for Startups

If you are an Australian startup and are looking to scale up by going global, here’s your chance to get access to an Australian government support for startups program that will help you. As uncertain times continue to stay as the norm, we see in the Australian Budget 2021,

Market Readiness Assistance Grant in Singapore

Given the global pandemic, thinking about internationalization for your business might be a daunting idea in 2021. Venturing into a new market can be both risky and costly even in the best of times. Fortunately, local companies in Singapore have much to gain with the Market Readiness Assistance Grant (also

9 Common Global Business Expansion Strategies

By now we have helped more than 150 startups expand into and across the Asia Pacific Region. In turn, we have observed all kinds of global business expansion strategies with different degrees of success. Expanding your business internationally in 2021 can be quite chaotic and intimidating, but there are ways

Starting a Startup #3: Why is Market Size Important to a Business

In continuation of the last article, I am writing a series of articles to describe what steps I would take to build a startup in 2021. In this last article of the series, I will be touching on the importance of knowing your total addressable market size especially when it

Starting a Startup #2: No-Code Platforms for Startups

In continuation of the last article, I am writing a series of articles to describe what steps an entrepreneur would take to build a startup in 2021. In this article, I will be sharing some no-code platforms and tools for your startup to automate and run more efficiently. The series
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