The State of Cryptocurrency Trading in Indonesia

Indonesia might become the world’s next hub of cryptocurrency development. 

On April 2019, Drew Calin, CEO and co-founder of Greenhouse, spoke with Dilip Chugani about Indonesia’s cryptocurrency landscape. Dilip is the Managing Director of KNS Group, an Indonesia-based conglomerate. KNS recently launched KoinX, a cryptocurrency trading platform first being targeted for consumers in Indonesia.

You can watch the full video below.

Dilip shared his insights about how digital currency has evolved for the past few years and how Indonesia’s blockchain industry might evolve in the future.

Furthermore, he believes that Indonesia has great potential in adopting technology in how people shop and manage their finances. With the rise of e-wallets like OVO and GO-PAY, the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency might be a logical next step.

Greenhouse’s vision is to help boost the economic growth of our host countries, especially through technology.

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