Introducing Greenhouse’s Ultimate Guide to International Business Expansion

Over the past few years, we at Greenhouse have been working with hundreds of startups who have done their international business expansion to the Asia Pacific. Being a platform that helps such companies to connect with the region’s best service providers, we realize how challenging the process of scaling to a new country is.

Guide to International Business Expansion - sneak peek

As a founder of a fast-growing startup, you have dozens of decisions, worries and demands at any given time. There's simply not enough time each day. To help you save time, we decided to curate the best resources on international expansion strategies and what to consider when expanding a business internationally.

What’s inside the ultimate guide to international business expansion?

The ultimate guide to global expansion is a database built on Notion that curates tactical and practical advice, lessons, and resources on how to expand businesses globally. It was created by the COO of Greenhouse, Viktor Kyosev, and will be updated periodically so you don’t have to spend hours crawling all over the internet to figure out how to expand a business globally. While many of these resources are broadly applicable to any businesses, this guide’s target audience is startup founders planning to do their international business expansion to Asia, typically ranging from Seed to Series B stage.

We have divided the guide into three phases to simplify your reading experience:

  • Researching and Validating New Markets: As the first step to your expansion journey, we have curated content to help you understand how to go through the research and validation phase by learning from other people who have been through that.
  • Expanding to New Markets: Once you go through the market research and validation phase it is now time to double down on your learnings and scale fast.
  • Go-to-market: Last but not least, we have developed this phase with content that does not fit perfectly market research and validation nor the expansion phase. It covers a series of articles on topics like how to get your first sales as well as how to identify your ideal customer profiles and personas
Guide to International Business Expansion - details

Important highlight for Greenhouse’s ultimate guide to international business expansion

  • This is our first attempt of building a database like that, so it’s far from complete. If we missed an important resource it was not intentional, so please do reach out with your recommendations and we will make changes.
  • We see the project as an on-going effort and collaboration across our ecosystem of market-entry service providers.
  • If you would like to connect with the author you can find him on LinkedIn here (feel free to suggest more resources we can add to the database).
  • The ultimate guide to global expansion was inspired by High Output Founder's library and follows a similar structure.

We hope that this guide will help you save time in planning your international business expansion strategies. We would also love to hear what you think about this guide. If you have any feedback, feel free to reach out to

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