The Thriving Nomad @ Greenhouse Cowork Jakarta

Join Pangea LLC curates personal lifestyle and professional development program designed for the modern, digital, world.

Join us to learn, test, and challenge new ideas and approaches to your way of life – making it fuller, more connected, and more directed by you.

The Thriving Nomad program is designed to engage individuals in a reflective & responsive thinking and learning through personal development, mindfulness and creative interactions with themselves & the locals or talents from across the island and beyond.

We wish to expose the participants to a diverse range of personal issues and let them experience the project first hand. Participants will be able to fine-tune their vision, mission, and passion to develop interpersonal, intrapersonal, community and communications skills through the program.

The methods used in achieving the objectives are workshops, yoga/breathwork sessions, coaching, discussion forums, and hands-on activities, collaborative discussions, and reflective journaling.