Understanding your options for Southeast Asia expansion

About this Event

There are many reasons businesses look for international expansion, to name a few: grow customer base, develop greater scale and efficiency, access talent, portfolio diversification, M&As etc. Startups, scale-ups, and enterprise companies alike expand their horizons to harness the benefits that come with international growth. But breaking into a foreign market – especially fast-growing markets such as most countries in Southeast Asia with strict rules and regulations can be a difficult task.

Companies eyeing Southeast Asia have many options as a market entry strategy, yet the challenge is to choose the right strategy for your particular needs. Especially in today’s business climate, after all, it was a year of growing uncertainty. We saw increasing protectionism from some of the most significant economic powers such as the U.S. and China, political instability in the Middle East, Brexit—which dominated the agenda in Europe—and most recently global health pandemic fears. All of this has done little to dampen the growth ambitions of forward-leaning firms on both sides of the Atlantic.

In this webinar, we have teamed up with our partners at Asia Market Entry to discuss different market-entry strategies and what would be most appropriate for your particular case.

What we’ll discuss:

1. Introduction

2. Asia and ASEAN, a vast opportunity

3. What does expansion mean?

4. Understanding the various methods to Expand into Asia
a. Opportunities and Obstacles
b. How has COVID19 affected the expansion options

5. Working with International Trade Agencies to expand faster

Who you’ll hear from:

– George Lam – a Business Development Advisor at Asia Market Entry, a company that helps successful technology businesses to expand into the Asian market with lower risk and high returns. Based in Singapore, with staff in Australia and Taiwan, Asia Market Entry offers outsourced business development, marketing localization and many more services required to navigate growth into this region. Asia Market Entry is Microsoft’s exclusive partner for Geo Expansion into Asia.

Your Greenhouse’s Moderator:

Viktor Kyosev – COO of Greenhouse – Viktor looks after the day to day operations at Greenhouse, overseeing and supporting businesses entering greater Southeast Asia. Prior to Greenhouse Viktor has been working for about 7 years in the hospitality sector across 4 countries and later on developed his career building and growing startups across Europe and Asia.


Greenhouse is a technology platform, connecting you to the largest network of qualified incorporation service providers in Southeast Asia.