Singapore VS Hong Kong: Startup Ecosystems

What is a better place for entrepreneurs? Singapore or HongKong?

At first glance, both Singapore and Hong Kong seem to provide very similar offerings. But how do they stack up, really? What can a foreign entrepreneur expect from each economy?
In this webinar Joe Zhang (Principle at TNB Aura) and Josephine Chan (Community Manager at WHub) shared their point of view and discussed what these two countries have to offer to entrepreneurs.

We covered the following topics:
– An overview of the COVID19 outbreak in Singapore and Hong Kong
– Governments’ response to the outbreak
– Overview of venture capital in each market
– Talent
– Success cases
– Verticals and emerging opportunities against the pandemic
– Ease of doing business

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is for entrepreneurs and startups that are eyeing opportunities in Asia.

About ASK THE EXPERTS webinar series :
The COVID-19 virus continues to spread and the economic damage is mounting. The trajectory of COVID-19 is highly uncertain. Variables include, how long it will take for the virus to play out, how Southeast Asian countries will be affected, and whether the virus will have a significant impact on your business growth in the region.

Date: 26. June 2020
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– TNB Aura (
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