Cash is king: Strategies during a pandemic

A webinar designed for startup founders, CEOs, and CFOs of SMEs operating in Southeast Asia.

The COVID-19 virus continues to spread and the economic damage is mounting. The trajectory of COVID-19 is highly uncertain. Variables include, how long it will take for the virus to play out, how Indonesia will be affected, and whether the virus will have a significant impact on your business growth in the region. In this webinar, Vinod Kumar, Chief Growth Officer at Magna Praxis, and Rudi Bachtiar from Arma Law, will share their views on the topic.

This webinar is designed for:

1. Startup founders

2. CEOs and CFOs of SMEs already operating in SEA

You will learn more about cash conservation strategies like re-thinking HR and internal functions, re-prioritizing discretionary spend, identifying opportunities/new avenues for top line growth, etc.