Recovery plan best practices for startups

A webinar designed for startup founders, CEOs, and CFOs of SMEs operating in Southeast Asia.

The COVID-19 virus continues to spread and the economic damage is mounting. The trajectory of COVID-19 is highly uncertain. Variables include, how long it will take for the virus to play out, how Indonesia will be affected, and whether the virus will have a significant impact on your business growth in the region. In this webinar, Greenhouse has teamed up with the Managing Partner of Indogen Capital, Chandra Firmanto. Chandra will be sharing his views of how startups can navigate the new reality caused by the pandemic. He will draw on his experience of overseeing the 20 year old family business and how they managed previous economic recession to come out stronger.

This webinar is designed for:

founders of funded startups across Southeast Asia.

You will learn more about managing your cashflow, fundraising best practices in times of a pandemic, how to control your burn rate, and what can you do to preserve cash.