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Scale revenues in new markets, without scaling your salesforce. We help you outsource sales to business partners you can trust, for lead generation, business development, and full in-market representation.

Welcome to Asia's largest curated business development network.

Our network serves startups, small businesses, and enterprises from all over the world
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We'll connect you to the best partners, fast.

  • Our team will connect with you to understand your needs, map them to our network, and then follow up with your preferred course of action:
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    Connect you with 1-3 recommended and qualified partners, ready to work with you immediately.
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    Blast your project to all relevant partners, who'll contact you with proposals for your review and consideration.
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"Greenhouse addressed our market research needs swiftly...within 1 day. The processes of converting research to insight was smooth, concise, and quick. I highly recommend using Greenhouse."

Ernest Layman,
CEO and Founder

Why outsource business development?

  • To grow revenues, while saving time and money.
  • To understand consumer sentiment.
  • To validate new markets before setting up.
  • To decrease sales cycle & customer acquisition costs.
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"It is often quite difficult for start-ups to understand the market dynamics, but Greenhouse was able to provide knowledge which will undercut our go-to-market entry time significantly."

Alexander Min, CEO & Founder
Why outsourced sales team?

See why our NPS is 78, while the industry average is 25.

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When it comes to regional expansion, you should validate and test markets as quickly as possible. We'll help you understand best practices, and connect you to the most relevant business partners based on the unique requirements of your project.

Go to market faster and with better results, through the Greenhouse network.
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Simple, transparent pricing

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Market Validation


Fine tuning your go to market plans

1 compliance session on regulatory requirements in any Southeast Asian market (SEA)
1 best practices go-to-market consultation
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1 session with a founder who's successfully expanded into SEA
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Up to 3 meetings with carefully selected market entry partners
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Demand Gen


Everything in dipping your toe, plus...

Minimum 5 meetings with your ideal customer profile
100 verified leads
Strategic virtual event with up to 100 participants
Access to over 6k potential investors across the region

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How does Greenhouse helps startups with their business development process?

Greenhouse manages a curated network of 200+ service providers across the Asia Pacific. All the service providers focus on market-entry services like company formation, outsourced lead generation, business development, outsourced market research, outsourced sales teams, in-market representation, outsourced appointment setting, and many other similar services. We coordinate with several service providers to ensure your business objectives are met. Sometimes the project requires heavy involvement from our team, at other times, we are less involved and the service provider takes a lead. We work closely with you to find out what's the best possible strategy given your objectives. Please note that while there is an element of consulting services, most of the work comes through actual business development support on the ground.


Does Greenhouse have teams in every market?

No teams, but we do have service providers offering business development services in all markets listed under our website. Our teams sit in Singapore and Indonesia, being our two largest markets. Meaning, we can easily help you with outsourced business development services across 16 markets in the Asia Pacific.


What kind of companies work with Greenhouse?

We work with two types of clients, 1) venture backed startups looking to grow revenues across APAC, 2) SMEs interested in incorporating entities in new markets. Our business development services are mainly relevant to B2B companies, but sometimes we help B2C brands as well.


What happens next?

Once you choose the package you are interested in, we will have a session to understand what's the best way to move forward. We will take note of your needs, and prepare an execution plan. Where necessary, we will connect you with business development service companies you can trust.


How does the bespoke programming work?

That package is designed for accelerators, VCs, or enterprise clients looking for outsourced sales team and business development services, irrespective if they are B2B or B2C. Whenever we work with such organizations, we develop a customized program as we need to help a whole cohort of startups. That involves consulting services, business development support, and outsourcing appointments through our network. In the past several years, we have worked with many accelerators already, helping groups of founders to understand better, validate, and land first sales in new markets around the world.