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I had great experience using Greenhouse service. Greenhouse addressed our market research needs swiftly, we got connected with the service provider within 1 day. The processes of the research until it became an insight are smooth, concise, and quick. I like the agility and the reliability of the research conducted. I highly recommend to use Greenhouse service.
ernest layman testimonial
Ernest Layman
Chief Executive Officer at Rekosistem
Greenhouse introduced us the exact company we need to survey the overseas market, and was very kind in every procedure.
Kristy Hyojeong Hong
Overseas Business Development and Marketing Manager at Maromav
Greenhose was wonderful in providing in-depth knowledge of the market. It is often quite difficult for start-ups to understand the market dynamics but Greenhouse was able to provide knowledge which will undercut our go-to-market entry time significantly.
Alexander Myoung Joon Min
Alexander Myoung Joon Min
CEO & Founder at REharvest Co., LTD.

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Greenhouse introduced us the exact company we need to survey the overseas market, and was very kind in every procedure.
Kristy Hyojeong Hong
Overseas Business Development and Marketing Manager at Maromav
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Greenhouse is the go-to partner for any company which needs market entry support in company set up, legal, regulatory, or market access across South East Asia.
Amit Vithal
Amit Vithal
Director at Docquity
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Communication with Greenhouse was excellent, fast and efficient.
Owner of Paprika

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Business support services

You need accounting, tax filing, payroll, and office space. Here are some services which people just like you, have procured through our network:

Service Card - Accounting


You can’t run a healthy, successful business without having your books in order. Our network of partners have the necessary expertise to support you across the entire Asia Pacific region.

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Service Card - Payroll


Payroll can be one of your business’s greatest expenses. And the payroll process is complicated across Asia Pacific. Understanding how to navigate the complexities of labour laws is important.

Learn More
Service Card - Tax Filling

Tax Filing

Our regionally coordinated tax service providers offer services across all tax disciplines to help you thrive in the Asia Pacific.

Learn More
Service Card - Office Space

Office Spaces

With locations all over Asia Pacific, our partners offer workspaces where and how you need it. Empower your team in different cities, or have a one centralized location.

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Why Greenhouse?

Quality Service Providers - Why Greenhouse

Quality Service Providers

For your convenience, we personally vet and review every service provider who enters our network.
Transparency - Why Greenhouse


For your consideration, we require transparency in pricing from all of our service providers.
Payment Protection - Why Greenhouse

Payment Protection

For your peace of mind, we can hold your payment in escrow until the job is done.
Service Guarantee - Why Greenhouse

Service Guarantee

Finally, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences and successful projects.

FAQs about Business Support Services in APAC

Updated 15 January 2021

What do I need to consider before procuring business support and operational services?

We typically recommend startup founders to consider the following:
1. Some markets in APAC like Indonesia, have difficult labor laws, as a result most foreign businesses prefer to outsource rather than hiring in house.
2. How large is the service provider and to what extent you will be a priority for them?
3. How difficult it will be to handle tax filing and payroll given the local language and digitalization of the local government bodies (i.e. can you find all information you need online?)

What kind of companies do you typically work with?

Most often with startups, and small or medium businesses. But we did support some large international companies as well.

Do you work with global service providers?

Yes, we work with all sorts of companies, from the smallest domestic company, to several global service providers with 30+ years in business.

What are the most common mistakes small businesses do when expanding to APAC?

In our experience, companies expanding to APAC make the following mistakes when procuring business support and operational services:
1. Lack of a clear service provider qualification process.
2. Relying too much on referrals and not doing enough homework on their own.
3) Considering the price as the #1 criteria, while price is important we do advise you to consider years in business, reviews, responsiveness, size of the vendor, and relevant past experience.

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