Market research and validation services in Indonesia

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Market research and validation services in Indonesia

Greenhouse is the simplest way for
your company to engage qualified
market intelligence service providers in Indonesia

It takes months to research regulations, compare service providers, and negotiate prices before booking B2B services in Indonesia. We use technology to simplify an otherwise painfully traditional process.


  • Leverage our curated network to get immediate recommendations in Indonesia
  • Review market research & validation service providers' qualifications
  • Pricing in full transparency
  • Get your company connected to service providers fast
  • Your project starts in 1-3 days

The Traditional Process

  • Take loads of time to search, contact, compare,and qualify service providers
Email and call to negotiate rates
 with different businesses
  • Read through the fine print
  • Pay in full upfront
  • Your project starts only after 30-60 days

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Your attention to detail helped our work move smoothly, without a single legal snag.
testimonial muhammad farid jasmin
Muhammad Farid Jasmin
CEO of PT International Ventures Indonesia
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I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do an outstanding job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s remarkable how easy and SIMPLE for both Greenhouse and your service provider is to respond and assist swiftly. I never have any problem at all.
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Nadia Trisandi
Indonesia Team Lead at Spoon Radio
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Greenhouse is right choice for companies looking to get into Indonesia. The team has helped us out extensively from day one.
Pranab Prakash CEO at Konexaa
Pranab Prakash
CEO at Konexaa

Why Greenhouse?

Quality Service Providers - Why Greenhouse

Quality Service Providers

For your convenience, we personally vet and review every service provider who enters our network.
Transparency - Why Greenhouse


For your consideration, we require transparency in pricing from all of our service providers.
Payment Protection - Why Greenhouse

Payment Protection

For your peace of mind, we can hold your payment in escrow until the job is done.
Service Guarantee - Why Greenhouse

Service Guarantee

Finally, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences and successful projects.

Still researching market research and validation services in Indonesia?

We've put together a few guides on what you need to know when engaging service providers for market research, validation, and market intelligence services.

FAQs about market expansion & validation service in Indonesia

Updated 20 December 2020

Why is Indonesia an attractive market?

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, a market with impressive economic growth. According to the World Bank, Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country, the world's 10th largest economy in terms of purchasing power and a member of G-20 .

What kind of market intelligence services do you offer in Indonesia?

Market research, lead generation, business matching, and in-market representation. We refer to such services as "market research and validation" as they help you test your assumptions and market-product-fit.

What kind of companies have you helped in the past?

Our network of service providers has helped all kinds of businesses, from small businesses, to fast-growing startups and even multi national corporations. Most of the time we work with startups though.

Do you offer demand generation services?

Yes, we refer to such services as business matching, in-market representation and lead generation. Such services are designed to help you outsource business development efforts to a network of qualified service providers on the ground in each market where we operate. Some service providers refer to such those services as "demand-as-a-service."

What kind of market insights can we expect by engaging market intelligence services?

Information relevant to your market, trends, competitor and customers. All that gathered and analyzed through our service provider network for the purpose of providing you with accurate and confident decision-making. Most customers use such analysis to determine their strategy in areas such as market opportunity, penetration, and development.

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