In-Market Representation
In-Market Representation

The simplest way for foreign companies to set up a bank account across Asia.

Greenhouse is a technology platform helping Startups and entrepreneurs find reliable service providers in APAC to help you with your bank account setup needs.

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Bank Account Setup Service Asia

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Your attention to detail helped our work move smoothly, without a single legal snag.
testimonial muhammad farid jasmin
Muhammad Farid Jasmin
PT International Ventures Indonesia
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do an outstanding job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s remarkable how easy and SIMPLE for both Greenhouse and the service provider are to respond and assist swiftly. I never have any problem at all.
testimonial nadia trisnad
Nadia Trisnadi
Spoon Radio
Indonesia Team Lead
Greenhouse introduced us the exact company we need to survey the overseas market, and was very kind in every procedure.
Kristy Hyojeong Hong
Overseas business development, marketing manager

Greenhouse is the simplest way to engage qualified banks working with foreign companies

It takes months to research regulations, compare service providers, go through KYCs, and negotiate prices before setting up your bank account. We use technology to simplify an otherwise painfully traditional process.


  • Leverage our curated network to get immediate recommendations
  • Review bank account setup service provider qualifications
  • Pricing in full transparency
  • Get connected to service providers fast
  • Your project starts in 1-3 days

The Traditional Process

  • Take loads of time to search, contact, compare, and qualify service providers
  • Email and call to negotiate rates
  • Read through the fine print
  • Pay in full upfront
  • Your project starts only after 30-60 days

Get more from your bank account

Spend less time on admin and more time focused on what’s important – your business. We will guide you in choosing the most appropriate bank partner given your expansion plans.

Trusted and diverse entrepreneurs

Trusted by entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries

From Singapore to Thailand and all the way to Hong Kong, hundreds of people have opened a bank account through our network in the Asia Pacific region.
Working with company incorporation service provider

Our bank partners will help you set up in no time

We will invest time in understanding your needs to ensure you are successful in working with our network of service providers. At the end of the day, we only win when you do.
client and business formation service provider interaction

A dedicated customer success team

Launching your bank account via Greenhouse's network grants you automatic access to our customer success team. As our client, you’ll get personalized help and learn best practices from our experienced team.
corporate professionals researching on service providers

Ease your business transition into Asia

As a Greenhouse customer, you can expect more than a customized wealth management solutions and services. We guide you in finding the most suitable bank partner for your growing business's needs.
Businessman computes budget for company incorporation

Planning to fundraise?

With Greenhouse, you’re not just setting up a bank account. You’re getting the support of hundreds of service providers who have helped all major startups in Asia to setup and fundraise.
Corporate professionals meeting

Get discounts you’ll actually use

We have arranged deals across the region with variety of partners from free cloud credits, to discounted office space, all the way to bundles including company formation and bank account set ups for overseas companies.

We help businesses across 16 countries in APAC with bank account setup services

Select your country of interest to learn more. If your bank account setup is planned for a market in which we don't operate, don't fret. Just contact us directly and we'll do our best to help you anyhow.

*GDP Data source: World Bank (

FAQs Setting up a Business Bank Account

Updated 22 January 2021

What's the process of starting a bank account as a foreign company like?

1. Submit your information.
2. Get matched to a qualified bank or pick yourself from our marketplace.
3. Our partner will assist with your overseas bank account setup.
4. Our network will support you with any other follow-up bank account setup services you may need e.g. business registered address, work permits, accounting, legal help, tax filing etc.

Is it expensive to set a bank account overseas through Greenhouse?

Actually no, openning a bank account is quite affordable. Even the largest banks offer affordable services suitable for any startup or SME.

What are the benefits of openning a bank account through Greenhouse?

1. You get a dedicated customer success team.
2. Access to hundreds of vetted service providers specializing in company formation and bank account opening services.
3. +70 NPS score whereas the industry standard is 25

What type of clients open a bank account through Greenhouse?

All kinds of companies. Most of the time we help foreign entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses with bank account setup.

How lengthy is the bank account opening process?

That depends on the KYC process, if you submit all of your documents promptly, the KYC would be fast and can take a few days. In countries like Hong Kong and Singapore in some cases the bank account can be approved within the same day.

Ready, set, go-to-market!

You like moving fast, we do too.
Let’s match you to the most suitable service providers in your target market right away.

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