In-Market Representation
In-Market Representation

Looking to outsource your in-market sales?

Greenhouse is a technology platform helping Startups and entrepreneurs find reliable in-market sales service providers in APAC.

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In-Market Representation

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Greenhouse's platform provides great value. Their network of service providers are trustworthy and helped us better understand the entire Southeast Asian region. In turn, that empowered us to make more educated decisions about our go-to-market strategy.
Yohawn Kim of Gene on Biotech
Yohawn Kim
Gene On Biotech
Greenhouse was wonderful in providing in-depth knowledge of the market. It is often quite difficult for start-ups to understand the market dynamics but Greenhouse was able to provide knowledge which will undercut our go-to-market entry time significantly.
Alexander Myoung Joon Min
Alexander Myoung Joon Min
REharvest Co., LTD.
CEO & Founder
I recommend Greenhouse to anyone in need of business matching. Their network is top notch, and their services and staff are by far the best in the business.
Michael Hwang
BigBang Angels

Greenhouse is the simplest way to engage qualified in-market sales service providers

It takes months to research regulations, compare service providers, and negotiate prices before booking outsourced sales services. We use technology to simplify an otherwise painfully traditional process.


  • Leverage our curated network to get immediate recommendations
  • Review service provider qualifications
  • Pricing in full transparency
  • Get connected to service providers fast
  • Your project starts in 1-3 days

The Traditional Process

  • Take loads of time to search, contact, compare, and qualify service providers
  • Email and call to negotiate rates
  • Read through the fine print
  • Pay in full upfront
  • Your project starts only after 30-60 days

How in-market sales representation can grow your business?

Hire a service provider to help you build an in-market sales engine that closes deals on your behalf.

All you need to scale sales locally

Outsourcing your sales in a new market has never been easier. Set your budget, define your ideal customer profile and our network of service providers will help you grow your business.

Our service providers will help you get up and running in no time

We will invest time in understanding your needs to ensure you are successful in working with our network of service providers. At the end of the day, we only win when you do.
Tablet and people discussing charts | B2B lead generation

Increase your sales outreach, pipeline, & results

When it comes to expanding into a new market, there will always be uncertainty. We leverage a network of hundreds of service providers to help you target & engage your most qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your sales funnel.

An outsourced sales team your company can trust

Our partners will represent you and your brand as if it was their own, acting as an extension of your company and sales development representative teams (SDR). All of their reps have experience of working with foreign companies similar to you.
Tired employee in front of a laptop | qualified leads

You should not have to struggle to get deals in new markets

With Greenhouse, you’re not just hiring a single sales rep. You’re getting an entire sales department at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring internally.

Work with the best local sales professionals

Find experienced service providers offering lead generation, on demand inside sales, SDR teams specialized in supporting B2B clients that are ready and available.

Do you want to get a head start on your competitors?

We've gathered different insights from other companies just like you

Why Choose In-Market Representation

In-market representation as a service helps your company attract local attention with a local presence to help develop business opportunities. This service is particularly favorable for startup companies because it allows you to establish a presence in your target market without the need to have a team physically on the ground.

Essentially by procuring in-market representation you are able to outsource sales. The service providers who offer such services are usually well-connected in the industry and have offices in several countries. They will first learn and understand the product or service you sell, as well as value proposition and sales goals. Thereafter, they will help to find prospects and leads against your database, and represent your company's interest when meeting up with them. Lastly, these sales providers then qualify these leads and follow them through the sales funnels until a deal can be closed.

Greenhouse helps your company to identify and connect with such service providers who offer in-market representation as a service. Our network of partners consists of vetted companies who are honest, reliable, and have deep insights about your target markets.

FAQs about in-market sales representation service

Updated 22 January 2021

How does the process of working with Greenhouse on in-market representation services work?

It's simple, it's not our team at Greenhouse who offers in-market representation. We have built a large network of qualified companies to help you identify B2B prospects and close deals. So simply go through our platform, select "in-market representation" as the core service and we will match you with the most relevant vendor given your outbound sales objectives.

Is it expensive to procure on-demand sales force services through your network?

We have all kinds of service providers on our platform. From the largest firms servicing multinational corporations to small domestic vendors and chambers of commerce that are affordable even for an SME or startups on a budget.

What are the benefits of outsourcing lead generation and inside sales when expanding to Asia?

You do not need to hire a sales reps in the market where you are planning to expand to, our service providers have helped many business to business clients and hold large databases of verified contacts, it will be faster, more affordable and better localized than what you will be able to do early in your expansion.

What type of companies do you work with?

Most of the time we help startups and small businesses with their lead generation and outsourced sales force needs, but there have been times when we worked with unicorns or MNCs.

What is the difference between outside and inside in-market sales?

Inside sales refers to the process of closing deals primarily selling remotely, while outside sales is primarily about broker field and face-to-face sales. Our service providers offer both approaches, depending on what kind of sales force you think would make most sense for your business.

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