Looking for B2B lead generation services in Indonesia?

Greenhouse is a technology platform helping startups and entrepreneurs find reliable B2B lead generation service providers in Indonesia.

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Looking for B2B lead generation services in Indonesia?

Founders across 20+ countries trust B2B lead generation services via Greenhouse's network

From South Korea to Australia, hundreds of people have sourced lead generation services in Indonesia via Greenhouse

Greenhouse’s network of service providers are trustworthy and helped us better understand the entire Southeast Asian region. In turn, that empowered us to make more educated decisions about our go-to-market strategy.
Yohawn Kim
Gene On Biotech
Greenhouse is the go to partner for any company which needs market entry support in company set up, legal, regulatory or market access across South East Asia.
Amit Vithal
Docquity Holdings Pte Ltd
Greenhouse was prompt in response and provided us with all the information we required before we made the final decision to go with the right service provider for our corporate secretarial service needs with no hidden fees.
Tiffany Wong
Regional Business Development Executive
Doctor Anywhere

Greenhouse is the simplest way to engage qualified company registration service providers in Indonesia

It takes months to research regulations, compare service providers in Indonesia, and negotiate prices before booking B2B lead generation services. We use technology to simplify an otherwise painfully traditional process.


  • Leverage our curated network to get immediate recommendations
  • Review lead generation service provider qualifications
  • Pricing in full transparency
  • Get connected to service providers fast
  • Your project starts in 1-3 days

The Traditional Process

  • Take loads of time to search, contact, compare, and qualify service providers
  • Email and call to negotiate rates
  • Read through the fine print
  • Pay in full upfront
  • Your project starts only after 30-60 days

End to end business development services designed to help you get traction in Indonesia

Our service providers are equipped to handle your business development in Indonesia from start to finish.

Business Matchmaking

Business Matchmaking

Asia is a relationship focused region, our network can help you find, evaluate and meet with relevant partners long before you expand your business.

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In-market Representation

In-market Representation

Our partners will represent you and your brand as if it was their own, acting as an extension of your company and Sales Development Representative teams.

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Market Research

Market Research

When it comes to expanding into a new market, there will always be uncertainty. To help you feel better in deciding where to buy and what to sell, research consumers’ opinions on markets and industries.

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We've put together a few guides on what you need to know about company registration in Indonesia.

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Why Lead Generation in Indonesia?

Lead generation as a service for your business in Indonesia is an excellent way to reach more potential customers and collate a constant flow of prospective customers to your business. Whether is it using outbound or inbound marketing solutions, having this multi-channel lead generation solution is a great way to capture your target customers in a fast and efficient way.

Here are some statistics to show how lead generation can help your business tremendously given the internet economy of the Indonesian population. According to the 2020 e-Conomy SEA report done by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, Indonesia's internet economy remains the largest among all other Southeast Asian countries. This is also valued at USD44B in 2020 and projected to reach USD124B by 2025.

Yet, doing business in Indonesia is not necessarily easy. Identifying prospects, and verifying contacts is quite challenging. That's why many foreign businesses prefer to outsource it to local companies who understand how to navigate the complexity.

It can be difficult to compare and choose which lead generation agency is best suited for your business as there could be many methods and differences in processes. As such, we are here to help you connect with the agency that will be the best fit for your company’s goals and budget. You can also be assured that our service providers are pre-qualified and vetted, and can help answer your questions about lead generation in Indonesia.

FAQs about lead generation in Indonesia

Updated 20 April 2021

How does the process of working with Greenhouse on lead generation services in Indonesia work?

It's simple, it's not our team at Greenhouse who does the lead generation. We have built a large network of qualified lead generation companies in Indonesia to help you identify B2B prospects. So simply go through our platform, select "lead generation" as the core service and we will match you with the most relevant vendor given your outbound sales objectives.

Different service providers will have different processes of doing lead generation. As such, we recommend speaking to them and seeing if the services match your business needs.

Is it expensive to procure lead generation services in Indonesia through your network?

We have all kinds of service providers on our platform. From the largest firms servicing multinational corporations to small domestic vendors and chambers of commerce that are affordable even for an SME or startups on a budget.

What are the benefits of outsourcing lead generation when expanding to Indonesia?

You do not need to hire a sales reps in the market where you are planning to expand to, our service providers have helped many business to business clients and hold large databases of verified contacts, it will be faster, more affordable and better localized than what you will be able to do early in your expansion.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation (Lead gen) is a business process that helps you identify prospective customers. Typically, you can build such lists yourself, or outsource the process to a service provider.

However, do not confuse this with basic cold calling services as lead gen services. Lead generation helps you identify verified contacts, but does not necessarily help with appointments. If you want to get appointments with prospects that service is called business matching.

Lead gen will help you build a pipeline with prospective clients, then your team can quickly reach out and close deals. This makes the process a lot easier for your sales rep, especially since the information online may be very overwhelming.

Why is lead generation important?

This process is important for your company as it helps you build a pipeline of high quality leads that you might have missed out on. This leaves no money on the table!

For instance, a lead generation service provider might advise you to target newly identified leads via marketing campaigns to create brand awareness.
In turn, that would make it much easier to approach those leads by your sales teams at a later point in time.

Please do note that when procuring a lead generation service, you are responsible for marketing and outreach to the leads. The service provider is only responsible for identifying and sharing with you verified contacts of your ideal customer profiles.

With high quality leads, your business will experience higher revenue in a short matter of time!

What are some benefits of lead generation?

After going through the process of lead generation with your chosen service provider, your company will be able to:
- Gain access to verified leads
- Build a faster large pipeline
- Grow your revenues

Lead generation service providers may have experience across various industries like IT, Healthcare, Financial services, and more. With their understanding and experience, they can help with running revenue-generating campaigns to get the target buyers who are ready to close deals.

Ready, set, go-to-market!

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