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Greenhouse empowers you to move your team to Thailand with ease. Our service providers can consult you immediately and help with business visa applications and work permits suited to your specific Visa needs in Thailand.

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Work Permit Services in Thailand

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Greenhouse and its corporate team were very efficient and transparent with the process and cost involved. Not easy to find in a jurisdiction crippled by red tapes.
harvey law
Samuel Harvey
Harvey Law Group
Director of Business Development
Greenhouse's platform provides great value. Their network of service providers are trustworthy and helped us better understand the entire Southeast Asian region. In turn, that empowered us to make more educated decisions about our go-to-market strategy.
Yohawn Kim of Gene on Biotech
Yohawn Kim
Gene On Biotech
I recommend Greenhouse to anyone in need of business matching. Their network is top notch, and their services and staff are by far the best in the business.
Michael Hwang
Doctor Anywhere
BigBang Angels

Greenhouse is the simplest way to engage qualified work permit service providers in Thailand

Do not let obtaining work permits to slow down you expansion process. We use technology to simplify an otherwise painfully traditional process or procuring work permit and visa services.


  • Leverage our curated network to get immediate recommendations
  • Review work permit service provider qualifications
  • Pricing in full transparency
  • Get connected to service providers fast
  • Your project starts in 1-3 days

The Traditional Process

  • Take loads of time to search, contact, compare, and qualify service providers
  • Email and call to negotiate rates
  • Read through the fine print
  • Pay in full upfront
  • Your project starts only after 30-60 days

Apply for a work permit in Thailand or any other corporate services you may need.

Our service providers are equipped to handle your work permit applications and any other corporate services in Thailand from start to finish. Sit back while they get your company up and running.

Service Card - Accounting


You can’t run a healthy, successful business without having your books in order. Our network of partners have the necessary expertise to support you across the entire Asia Pacific region.

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Bank Account Setup Service Cards

Bank account set up

Open a business account when you're ready to start accepting or spending money as your business. A business bank account helps you stay legally compliant and protected.

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Company Formation Service Cards

Company Registration

The incorporation process typically takes 1 to 7 days in developed and 1 to 3 months in emerging markets. To avoid going back and forward hire a professional to guide you.

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Corporate Secretarial Service Cards

Corporate secretarial

Corporate Secretarial Services assists you to manage and mitigate risks of corporate non-compliance. In some markets such services are mandatory in other just recommended.

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Nominee Director Service Cards

Nominee director services

A company director is the responsible person for ensuring that the company complies with all local legislation. He/She is the liable person if the company is negligent or doing things in violation of the company director requirements.

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Service Card - Business Address

Registered business address

A business registered address is the official address of an incorporated company. Generally it will form part of the public record and is required in most countries where the registered organization is incorporated.

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Still researching work permit services in Thailand?

We've put together a few guides on what you need to know about work permit applications in Thailand.

FAQs about work permit services in Thailand

Updated 22 January 2021

What is like the process of applying for a work permit in Thailand via Greenhouse?

Pretty simple. You can click on "Get started", choose the service you are interested in, and you will be able to see all trusted partners on our platform. Then you can either engage our team to make recommendations, or simply pick the company you feel it's most suitable given your needs. Once you are connected with our trusted partner, you will be able to discuss your visa needs at length and receive the necessary assistance in procuring the service.

When do you need to get a work permit in Thailand?

The Thai law requires all foreigners to obtain a work permit before starting work in Thailand. There are a few exceptions though, such as members of consular missions and members of diplomatic corps.

What is the duration of a work permit in Thailand?

Typically work permits are issued for a one-year period and may be renewed every year thereafter.

What type of visas can I obtain in Thailand?

There are many types of visas applicable in different circumstances, a few notable examples are Non-immigrant visa category B, Non-immigrant visa IB, Non-immigrant visa B-A, Non-immigrant visa O, Non-immigrant visa M, etc.

How do we know that we can trust your partners in Thailand?

Each service provider on the Greenhouse network goes through a qualification process where we look at how long they have been in business, how large is their team, reviews from clients, and who they have serviced in the past. Sometimes we do a deeper due diligence and reach out to chambers of commerce and embassies asking for endorsements where necessary. The result of that is that each of our service providers is vetted and you can trust them.

What kind of clients do you typically work with?

We have helped startups, SMEs and large companies with work permits across the entire APAC region. Most of the time we work with startups.

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