Manufacturing Opportunities in India

September 10, 2020 5:00 PM
(Jakarta Time, GMT+7)

We have teamed up with Octagona to held webinar about Manufacturing Opportunities in India

Manufacturing Opportunities in India

About this Event

The recent trade related differences between China and the USA has encouraged international companies to expand their manufacturing supply chains in markets other than China.

Although India is primarily regarded as the hub for outsourcing software development, the country is attracting more and more attention and FDI for its manufacturing potential because:

– India is the third-largest economy

– It has a large population of engineers and skilled factory workers

– Intellectual property is widely respected

– English-speaking population

– Increasing liberal FDI policies

While the market has a lot of potentials there are also some challenges western companies face when doing business in India. The first step to overcoming these challenges is to acknowledge the fact that India is a collection of states, rather than just one monolithic federal entity. These states compete fiercely with each other for attracting FDI. As a result, foreign businesses need to work together with the states to establish manufacturing facilities. If you do not have in-house knowledge or resources understanding how to handle all those challenges and turn them into opportunities is difficult.

While there is no single formulaic answer to manufacturing success in India, we have invited our partners Octagona India to throw a webinar and shed some light on how foreign businesses can be successful when setting up a manufacturing business in India.

A webinar designed for manufacturing businesses expanding to India

During this webinar we discussed:

– Opportunities in India in a post COVID19 world

– Incorporation requirements like licensing, company structure options, and paid-up capital requirements

– How to overcome market-entry challenges in India?

– Government support for new entrants

Your Greenhouse’s Moderator:

Viktor Kyosev – COO of Greenhouse – Viktor looks after the day to day operations at Greenhouse, overseeing and supporting businesses entering greater Southeast Asia. Prior to Greenhouse Viktor has been working for about 7 years in the hospitality sector across 4 countries and later on developed his career building and growing startups across Europe and Asia.


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