Market Entry & Office Location Strategies in Indonesia

September 17, 2020 4:00 PM
(Jakarta Time, GMT+7)

We have teamed up with Savills Indonesia Vistra Indonesia to held webinar about Market Entry Office Location Strategies in Indonesia

Market Entry & Office Location Strategies in Indonesia

About this Event
When expanding to Indonesia one of the very first and most impactful decisions foreign businesses need to make is choosing the right location for their office. The decision has an impact on fixed and variable costs, including taxes, transportation, what talent you will be able to attract, partners, and even customers. Once in place, it is difficult to change. Therefore, your office location strategy should be an important part of your market entry plan.

In a nutshell, the location strategy in this context is a plan for obtaining the optimal location for foreign businesses considering the company’s needs and objectives. A location that will maximize opportunities while minimizing costs. Some businesses may request a location near an airport, major highways, a public transit system, and a stable business environment. Others would prefer to be in the very center of the central business district surrounded by tech startups. All those considerations may have a considerable impact on your expansion to Indonesia. COVID19 has added another layer of complexity to the entire situation as more and more businesses consider to work as remotely as possible.

To address all those topics, we have invited experts from Savills and Vistra Indonesia to share the best practices from their experience.

During the webinar we covered the following topics::

– Commercial real estate in Jakarta
– Market trends
– Where foreign businesses typically get an office
– Location compliance for different industries
– COVID19 impact

Experts you heard from:

Leny Soedojo – Direct Commercial Markets at Savills Indonesia – Leny has over 18 years of experience in commercial real estate as a Commercial Leasing and Tenant Representation specialist. She has extensive office leasing experience working with international and local owners and developers namely Hong Kong Land, Keppel Land, GIC Real Estate Pte Ltd, First Jakarta International, Mulia Group, Lippo Group, and many others. In her career, she has represented corporate occupiers from different business sectors in defining and executing real estate strategies and objectives including relocation, expansion, consolidation, renewal negotiation, and lease restructuring.

Alex Rumondor – Business Development at Vistra – Alex holds a double degree in Accounting and Finance from McNeese State University where he graduated as a Magna Cum Laude back in 2017. He then worked as a tax accountant in a CPA firm in Louisiana for a couple of years before coming back to Indonesia in 2019. He joined VISTRA right after he arrived in Indonesia and has been responsible for developing the business through new services and connections. Equipped with more than 6 years living abroad, international taxation, and local Indonesian compliance, he has helped many companies to establish in Indonesia.

Your Greenhouse’s Moderator:

Viktor Kyosev – COO of Greenhouse – Viktor looks after the day to day operations at Greenhouse, overseeing and supporting businesses entering greater Southeast Asia. Prior to Greenhouse Viktor has been working for about 7 years in the hospitality sector across 4 countries and later on developed his career building and growing startups across Europe and Asia.


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