Startups VS MNCs: How to manage cashflow and HR in times of a recession?

August 13, 2020 4:00 PM
(Jakarta Time, GMT+7)

We have teamed up with TMF Indonesia Indogen Capital to held webinar about Startups VS MNCs How to manage cashflow and HR in times of a recession

Startups VS MNCs: How to manage cashflow and HR in times of a recession?

About this Event

2020 is a year of growing uncertainty. We saw increasing protectionism from some of the most significant economic powers such as the U.S. and China, political instability in the Middle East, Brexit—which dominated the agenda in Europe—and most recent news and stress about the coronaries. All of this has done little to decrease the interest of forward-leaning firms in expanding to fast-growth markets across Southeast Asia.

Beyond the common-sense measures related to the growing uncertainty among leaders eyeing Southeast Asia, we wanted to give you the opportunity to hear from our thought leaders supporting both Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and startups.

We have invited TMF Indonesia’s Managing Director Alvin Christian and Indogen Capital Managing Partner Chandra Firmanto to share their perspectives on cash flow and HR matters during an economic downturn. Both leaders have weathered a broad range of global challenges and while there is never a playbook, we are hoping the information will help you to a) take care of employees, and b) support your organization’s ability to adapt to change and cause the least disruption in the long run.

A webinar designed for businesses expanding to/operating in Southeast Asia.

During the webinar we have covered::

– Managing your workforce through COVID19

– Proactive steps your employees should take

– Leading teams during a recession

– How to coronavirus proof your cashflow?

– Coronavirus overview for startups and MNCs

– Best practices when shifting to remote teams

– VCs outlook of 2020

Who are the speakers:

– Alvin Christian – has more than 20 years in the field of strategic management, corporate finance, corporate accounting, and general management. In the past, he held roles as Controller/Finance Director/CFO roles in the USA at John Hancock Financial (Manulife Group), Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Veolia North America. Today Alvin is the Managing Director of TMF Indonesia and a Deputy Secretary-General of the Indonesian CFO Association (CFO Club Indonesia)

– Chandra Firmanto – is the Managing Partner at Indogen Capital a sector agnostic investor in Southeast Asia with deep operating experience in the Indonesian Market. Additionally, Chandra is the Chairman of PT Aneka Makmur Sejahtera (total annual group revenue of over USD 1 billion), positioning him uniquely for this webinar as he understands both the needs of MNCs and Startups. Last but not least, Chandra is a certified Banking Director (by Bank of Indonesia) and a certified Multi Finance Director by OJK (Indonesia Financial Service Authority.

Your Greenhouse’s Moderator:

Viktor Kyosev – COO of Greenhouse – Viktor looks after the day to day operations at Greenhouse, overseeing and supporting businesses entering greater Southeast Asia. Prior to Greenhouse Viktor has been working for about 7 years in the hospitality sector across 4 countries and later on developed his career building and growing startups across Europe and Asia.


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