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Greenhouse empowers you to move your team to Indonesia with ease. We can help provide you with business visa applications and work permits perfectly suited for your specific immigration process to Indonesia. Our network connects start-ups, SMEs, service providers, government agencies, accelerators, and more, helping everyone achieve their goals.

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Indonesia offers several immigration options for different business needs. Whether you simply need to complete a business visa application for a short stay in Indonesia or get a permit to work for over a year, we can provide you with the most suitable option according to your business plan.

Single Entry Business Visa

Best for: Foreign nationals making an application for a short-term meeting or visit to Indonesia.

Multiple Entry Business Visa

Best for: Foreign nationals making an application for multiple visits to Indonesia for extended business affairs.

Limited Stay Work Permit (KITAS)

Best for: Foreign nationals planning to stay and work in Indonesia for more than a year.

Dependent Visa

Best for: Spouses or children of foreign nationals staying in Indonesia.

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Procedures, insights, and guides you need to know about
Indonesia’s market and regulations.

Immigration Process in Indonesia

All you need to know about the different immigration options, as well as steps to apply for permits and visas in Indonesia.


All About Limited Stay Work Permits (KITAS) in Indonesia

A more in-depth look at limited stay work permits (also called work permits) which allows foreigners to legally earn income in Indonesia.


Tips to Incorporate in Indonesia

If you’re also planning to start a business, here are some tips you should know before incorporating a company.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about migrating to Indonesia, asked by businesses just like you.

(Updated 31 October 2019)

A limited stay work permit (KITAS) allows you to work and get a salary in Indonesia. It’s the best option if you want to work as a foreign employee in Indonesia, but it has more requirements that you and your company will need to fulfill.
A business visa is for meetings or appointments in Indonesia, and has less requirements. However, a business visa is a short-term option for visits into Indonesia and doesn’t allow you to work or get a salary in the country.

If you want to work and get a salary in Indonesia, then a limited stay work permit (KITAS) is your best option.
A business visa is a good short-term alternative if you just want to meet partners or research the market. However, it doesn’t allow you to get a salary in Indonesia.

If you register a limited stay work permit (KITAS), you can leave and enter the country whenever you want until your KITAS expires.
If you get a single-entry business visa, you can stay for up to 60 days in Indonesia with up to four extensions of 30 days per visit. However, if you leave the country before that, your visa expires and you have to get a new one.
If you get a multiple-entry business visa, you can stay for up to one year in Indonesia for 60 days per visit. You have to leave the country between each visit, but you don’t have to apply for a new visa.

According to Indonesian regulations, your company can only sponsor a limited number of KITAS applicants depending on how many local employees you have. We can help estimate how many applicants your company will be able to sponsor.
Foreign companies expanding to Indonesia usually get a KITAS for a director or co-founder who will work full-time in Indonesia. You can have other team members temporarily come to Indonesia with business visas, but they won’t be able to get salaries in the country.

A director or person stated in your company documents can have a 12-month period limited stay work permit (KITAS) before they have to extend it.
Meanwhile, foreigners in managerial positions or below can apply for 6-month limited stay work permits (KITAS).
Both types can apply for up to five extensions every 12 months.

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