Environmentally-Conscious Spaces

To reduce our carbon footprint, all our coworking spaces use natural light; in fact, we don’t switch on most of our lights until 6pm. Our plants are also specifically handpicked to help our members with fresh air or removing harmful toxins.

Zero-Waste Policy

We work with local nonprofits like Waste4Change to separate and recycle our waste. We also encourage our members to participate by pooling together recyclables like paper and plastic bags.

One Tree for Every Member

Greenhouse plants one tree every month for each member currently working with us. So far, we’ve planted over 1000 trees and we’re excited to keep that number growing.

Healthy Local Food

Our pantries are stocked with healthy snacks and beverages (with vegan options) from chips, granola, to kombucha sourced from local vendors with help from startups like Lemonilo and SayurBox.

Working for Positive Change

Here’s a conversation between Rasmus A. Kristensen, the Ambassador of Denmark for Indonesia, and Drew Calin, our CEO, about how businesses can help raise awareness about the urgent issue of climate change.

How Can We Help?

We’ve supported organizations like the Embassy of Denmark and Embassy of Australia in Indonesia with free event support for their environment-focused missions. We’re always looking for new partners to build positive change with us.

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