Your trust & safety
Is our top Priority

We qualify every service provider
so you don't have to

Background Check

Background Check

We review every application and do detailed background checks prior to approval to our marketplace.


Pricing Transparency

We require transparency in pricing from all service providers presented on our platform.

Standard SLAs

Standard SLAs

All of our service providers follow our standard SLAs in order to ensure a great customer experience.

Vetted Service Providers

Background Check

Complex regulations and lacking transparency across fast growth markets present customers with excessive risk in vendor selection. We carefully qualify every service provider before on-boarding them onto the platform, and leverage an intuitive data matching model to ensure we’re connecting customers with suppliers who are best suited to meet their needs.

Background Check Big

Customer Success Team

We are involved from start to finish

We obsess over customer success. Every supplier on the platform agrees to our SLAs, and we shadow the progress of every deal to ensure the best possible experience for all parties involved. Our dedicated customer success team is equipped with proprietary technology to quickly and securely resolve any delays, disputes, and always keep projects on track.

Concierge Services

payment protection

Make payments securely and easily

Greenhouse’s full-service billing solutions allows both clients and service providers to securely handle fees and payments. We offer Escrow as a service and full payment protection, to ensure our client’s safety and successful project delivery.


Online escrow provides a measure of protection on a digital purchase of a product or service. Escrow is defined as an independent third party in a financial transaction between two parties that holds the fee of service until the transaction is complete. See FAQ

Payment Gateway

Security & Privacy

Your protection and privacy is our highest priority

AES 256 Encryption

We use end to end encryption for files, databases, backups, and every page on our site to protect your information.

Secure Connections

Your communication with the other party uses SSL/TLS/HTTPS connections that provide you the best layer of security and privacy.

2-Factor Authentication

We have implemented 2-factor authentication at both sites in order to ensure your data is accessible by the right person only.


Security & Privacy

Do you have a question or need to report a safety issue? We’re here to help.

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